Talking about Safety Fire Prevention in Construction Site

At present, due to the dry climate and short rain, this season is a period of high fire accidents. In particular, because of the cold weather, the construction site needs insulation and heating and other reasons, many building construction site fire accidents occur from time to time, especially vulnerable to major economic losses and casualties. The fire accident revealed that some units and individuals have weak awareness of fire safety, poor self-rescue capability for emergency response, illegal operation, failure to establish fire safety systems and management measures, failure to prepare safety emergency plans and other violations, and also fundamentally exposed some construction sites. Faced with the issue of fire safety, the safety and fire prevention work cannot be delayed.

First, it is necessary to establish a sound safety fire safety responsibility system and rules and regulations, and responsibility to people. The project manager is the first person responsible for safety fire protection on the construction site and is fully responsible for the fire safety work on the construction site. Formulate the emergency rescue plan for construction site safety accidents, set up an emergency fire safety emergency rescue team, and take charge of the daily fire inspections and the handling of sudden fire incidents. At the same time designated someone responsible for the safety inspection before and after work stoppages, timely detection and exclusion of various safety hazards, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

Second, scientifically and rationally plan the fire safety layout at the construction site to minimize the potential for fire hazards. Divide the operation area according to the actual situation on site. In particular, open fire operation areas, combustible material storage areas, dangerous goods warehouses, etc., and set a clear fire warning signs.

Third, safety education. Conduct fire safety education for all construction personnel, familiarize them with basic fire safety knowledge, learn to use fire fighting equipment, and master emergency methods for fighting fires at the beginning. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen education and training on the fire safety of workers working on special types of work such as electricity and gas welding so that they can be certified and employed.

Fourth, regulate the temporary power management on the construction site. Temporary electricity must use TN-S system, in line with "three levels of power distribution, two levels of protection", to meet the requirements of "one machine, one brake, one leakage, one box"; distribution box setting, line laying, zero protection, grounding device Various power distribution devices such as electrical connections, leakage protection, etc. shall comply with the requirements of relevant standards and specifications. The disassembly and assembly of the construction power cord must be performed by a professional electrician to eliminate the phenomenon of chaos. The staff canteens, dormitories and other places must not use the electric stove for cooking and heating, and must not use "hot water", lighting, electric heating. Blankets, etc. must be switched on and off at regular intervals, and personnel must be turned off when leaving.

Fifth, strengthen the construction site fire management. Strictly implement the fire approval system for flammable and explosive sites. Oxygen and acetylene must not be mixed together. Employees must be guarded during welding operations, equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment, and non-combustible materials should be used as the shield insulation at the welding point to prevent The weld bead splashes around causing fire hazards; a smoking room should be set up on the construction site, and smoking in flammable and explosive places such as warehouses, dormitories and beds is not allowed.

Sixth, adhere to the "safety first, prevention-based, comprehensive management," the basic principle of safe production, work with one mind and work together. Through effective management and technical means, it reduces and prevents people's unsafe behavior and unsafe status of objects, effectively eliminates hidden dangers of security accidents, and prevents and reduces the occurrence of security accidents.

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