D971X on the clip electric soft seal butterfly valve pr…

D971X Overview of Clamp-type Electric Soft Sealing Butterfly Valve: The soft-sealed midline-type butterfly valve with double eccentric flanged butterfly valve has the advantages of compact structure, 90 ° rotary switch, easy sealing, reliable sealing and long service life. It is widely used in wa ----more

Home taboos: home feng shui articles use taboos

The proper and appropriate use of feng shui goods can adjust the magnetic field in homes and help them transport. Improper use can also be counterproductive. In this article, there are several common feng shui items to use. I hope my friends can pay attention. one. Landscape painting water cannot ----more

Experts teach you how to identify fraud in decoration

Some decoration companies recruit businesses for the sake of not making money. Home decoration should also have a cost budget procedure: material costs, construction fee management fees, profits, etc. should be clear. The decoration companies or construction teams that do not have credibility, qua ----more

Exposure of big star home "town house treasure&quo…

Taiwanese actor and actor Xu Xiyuan is an absolute luxury worshiper. She has a lot of Chanel dress suits. Big s home has nearly 300 pairs of shoes, with a total value of more than 10 million! More than NT$10 million is equivalent to more than two million renminbi on the mainland according to the e ----more

2016 Feng Shui master exclusive secret trick: seven str…

Home feng shui has always played an important role, and wealth in the home also depends on home feng shui to a certain extent. We know that the living room is the "master" of the family. The key to fortune is whether your living room is in accordance with feng shui. Whether the God of We ----more

Qi Jia senior friends 21 decoration experience

Links: Just 3 Months This website has 40,000 friends to create 1 room and 1 small room 1, The budget should be as detailed as possible, especially for second-hand houses or first-floor houses. Renovation requires a lot of money, and designers often miss it. 2, buy things must be toward the princ ----more

Supervision and acceptance of home decoration daily tal…

With the breeze in the spring, we came slowly to us. The one-year plan is in spring. The houses around many friends have already been basically renovated, so acceptance has become an urgent issue at the moment. But how to check and accept, what to pay attention to, what kind of problems will arise ----more