Which barrel pump should be used for corrosive liquids …

When the barreled liquid is a strong acid, a strong base or a highly corrosive solvent liquid, which kind of barrel pump should we use to pump liquid? Long-term use in a highly corrosive liquid environment, which barrel pump is the most stable and longest service life? The following Yiling pump in ----more

Interesting knowledge: China Hardware Capital

Yongkang China Hardware Capital (China Hardware Town) Zhejiang Yongkang City is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province. “Huangdi Zhuding, Spring and Autumn Forging Sword, Han Dynasty Machine, Tang Dynasty Tonglu” is a well-known Chinese hardware distribution ----more

Can genetically modified foods be eaten? Who should lis…

In recent days, the topic of the safety of GM foods has been surpassed by waves. Experts and scholars from all walks of life have come out on the scene and have published their own research findings and opinions. Some have vowed to make GM foods absolutely safe, while others worry that geneticall ----more

Qualcomm's new technology cafe Wi-Fi is no longer s…

Although public Wi-Fi is now available in many places, most of the speed is too slow. With the new technology that Qualcomm claims to have developed for seven years, public Wi-Fi speed is expected to quadruple. The reason why public Wi-Fi speed is so unbearable is mainly becaus ----more

Five deepening to promote building supervision

The "Five Deepening" in Yunyang County, Chongqing Municipality, has launched a comprehensive campaign to rectify the "two defenses" in the construction and construction fields. The first is to effectively strengthen source governance and regulate the construction of market safe ----more

Three major floor buying traps are exposed to consumers…

When consumers choose home improvement materials, they are often assured of the choice of wood flooring. Because the floor on the market is now more and more standardized, but there will be individual businesses for profit. Below, let's talk about some traps that consumers will encounter w ----more

Introduction of components of gas turbine components

In the development stage of the gas turbine controller, the development of the gas turbine body lags far behind the development of the controller. To wait until the development of the gas turbine body is completed before the on-line commissioning of the controller, the development cycle of the ent ----more