Green stone starts low carbon economy

The so-called low-carbon economy refers to the reduction of high-carbon energy consumption such as coal and oil, reduction of emissions, and economic and social development and ecology through technological innovation, institutional innovation, and industrial transformation under the guidance of ----more

Some steel products and other export tax rebates will b…

The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice on the 22nd that, with the approval of the State Council, from July 15, 2010, the export tax rebates for a total of 406 kinds of commodities, including six categories of steel, silver powder and non-ferrous metal pro ----more

Soil nutrient rapid testing technology

Soil is the basis of agricultural production, and scientific and rational fertilization, irrigation and cultivation measures need to be determined according to the condition of the soil. Only by promoting the application of modern testing techniques, quickly and timely understanding the various inf ----more

Chemical equipment seizes opportunities in petrochemica…

In the new technological revolution and industrial revolution, the development of the petroleum and chemical industry is inseparable from the advancement of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the degree of economic equipment is closely related to the investment development of the petrochem ----more

Development trend of high pressure boiler tube and natu…

China's steel pipe circumferential seam welding technology has undergone several major changes. In the 1970s, the traditional welding method was adopted. The low-hydrogen electrode was used for manual arc welding up-welding technology. In the 1980s, the manual arc welding down-welding technology ----more

Development of deep ion nitriding process and equipment

Due to its high hardness and small deformation, the nitriding process is increasingly applied to the surface treatment of hardened gears. For example, more than 40% of the hardened gears of Philadelphia Gear Company use nitriding process, Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the former So ----more