Shearing machine hardware tool types and uses

What are the shears produced by the shears cutter manufacturer? 1. Special shearing machine knives: Use with other equipments to complete special purpose 2. Multipurpose shears: a, combined punching and shearing machine knife: It can complete the cutting of the plate, and can also cut th ----more

Autumn cultivation technique of Artemisia selengensis

First, the variety selection It is suitable to choose a variety of flavors, thick leaves, thick fiber, good quality, high yield, suitable for autumn planting. Second, sowing    In late August to late October can be planted. After sowing, cover the fine soil and keep the surface smoo ----more

Order and method of maintenance of mahogany furniture

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Water bamboo maintenance method

Water bamboo maintenance method : Water bamboo has higher requirements for water. It is best to use mineral water and pure water, followed by tap water, but it must be precipitated before use. The water surface is 3 cm above the root. Do not immerse too much to prevent the roots from affectin ----more

Spraying ethephon at the right time to improve cotton q…

Cotton is the leading industry for the increase of rural economy in our county. In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of cotton production in our county, and to improve the grade and market share of cotton production, the use of cotton ethephon this year should be time ----more

LED lighting storm hits users how to buy anti-price tra…

Not long ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of the 12th Five-Year Plan", requiring the government to adopt financial subsidies to ----more