China Cabinet Rank 2016 Latest China Cabinet Ranking

With the deepening of exchanges between China and foreign countries, Western culture has had a far-reaching impact on the civilian population of China. As a result, large numbers of people like to buy foreign products. In fact, for high-speed development in China, many products are better than for ----more

How to determine the quality of the dehumidifier?

[China Aluminum Network] In the plum rain season, the damp air will always have a great impact on our lives. At this time we have dehumidifiers and entered our lives. Then we need to buy dehumidifiers. What is the point of attention? Which aspects can be used to determine the quality of a dehumidi ----more

LED companies will have to OUT if they do not act!

Looking at the huge demand of the LED market in the Australian market, LED factories have frequent movements, and they will not need to output OUT! Beginning in 2014, countries such as the United States, China, South Korea, and Australia will extend their "ban whitening" policy ----more

How to distinguish the quality of kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen is different from the ceiling of other spaces in the home. The kitchen is always humid and the fumes are large. The ceiling of the kitchen must be waterproof, moisture-proof and fume-proof. Therefore, the selection of the kitchen ceiling should be cautious. There are so ----more

Trina Solar Industrial Solar Cell Efficiency Sets World…

The State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Photovoltaic Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as Trina Solar's State Key Laboratory) announced that it has independently developed large-area (156×156mm2) industrial grade polycrystalline solar c ----more

Let the drill bit "long" out of the eye

Abstract ——From the successful research and development of the azimuth resistivity while drilling, the Great Wall Drilling Technology Innovation Path While Drilling Measurement and Control Technology Schematic Editor: Engineering and technology enterprises should upgrade their c ----more

Eight office safety notes

Some personal injuries, fires, electric shocks and other accidents occurred at some office sites. The three main reasons were the slackening of people's safety awareness, improper use of items, and inadequate rescue equipment. Once there are accidents in the office, normal work is inte ----more