How to choose a quality shower

1. See the water A well-designed shower can ensure that the amount of water dispensed by each orifice is essentially the same, so be sure to choose the shower to see the water. The water saving function is a key point to consider when choosing a shower. Some shower heads use steel ball spools and ----more

Shower room knowledge and purchase notes

Shower room common sense and optional precautions Shower room shape is generally a symmetrical arc fan, as well as square, diamond, etc., there are sliding doors, folding doors, hinged doors, etc., to enter the way with angular access or single-sided access formula. The most important feature of t ----more

Optional faucets and shower heads depend on durability

Tap to buy water-saving How to choose a faucet? Consumers all know how to choose water-saving, but how to choose, consumers may not know. In this regard, some experts said that we should pay attention to checking the test report of the tap. Some experts said that tap flow is a basic technical in ----more

2011 bathroom hardware top ten brands

1. DeLong Delong (China's top 100 kitchen and bathroom companies, the leading brands in the hardware and sanitary industry, the top ten hardware bathroom brands, the Hong Kong Minbao Group's Royale Sanitary Ware (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.) 2. Yading Yatin (Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang fam ----more

Bathroom accessories purchase

Hardware accessories are the basic conditions for the normal use of bathroom facilities and are an indispensable choice for the function of bathroom equipment. The quality of accessories is directly related to the work quality of bathroom equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly select the ----more

Home Maintenance Laminate Floor Care should pay attenti…

1. After the floor maintenance has just been laid, keep the indoor air flowing. 2. Overweight items should be placed in a stable manner. Furniture and heavy objects cannot be pushed or pulled hard to avoid scratching the surface of the wear-resistant layer. You cannot use a sharp object to scrape o ----more

There is always regret in the decoration

There is always regret in the decoration Renovation is a big project that takes a lot of thought. It is often just beginning to think well and is very comprehensive. However, it is still a lot of decoration and regret, but here are some common examples. I hope everyone can The decoration can play ----more