Cultivation points

Touching incense is also known as apple vanilla, hand-flavored, shrubby herb. Sprawling, stems are brown, tender stems are green or reddish. Leaves ovate or obovate, smooth, thick leathery, margined. Umbrella petals, flowers are dark red, pink and white, blue, etc. Perennial herb. More branche ----more

Pay attention to the eight major issues when purchasing…

Note 1: Whether the brand name is big and the word reputation is good, this is mainly the brand development history and strength, user evaluation, professional evaluation, etc. Generally, the good cork flooring brand is definitely bigger in terms of influence, the user reputation will be very ----more

Redwood mid-range product furniture favored

Mahogany furniture has been declining in 2012 and red in 2013. The originally quiet Redwood market has seen many new moves in the near future: Zuohai Furniture has set up a new Redwood City, Xiangguang Furniture City has opened a new Redwood Hall on the Second Ring Road of Fuzhou, and Asia ----more

Building waterproof material and building waterproof sy…

Throughout the history of China's architectural development and the achievements and experience of human architecture, structure and waterproofing are the key to building waterproofing systems. The ingenious design and suitable ordinary materials can completely solve the problem of waterpr ----more

Home companies enter the cabinet industry

To stroll around the cabinet area of ​​the large-scale integrated home market, consumers will find that Kohler and Wrigley, who originally made sanitary wares, started the cabinets; EGGER, which is mainly based on floors and plates, also has its own cabinet brands; more It is ----more

Decoration lighting decoration related knowledge

Nowadays, in addition to meeting the most basic lighting needs, lighting has played a more important role in decorating and beautifying the home. When choosing lighting, what kind of light is used is not only related to personal preference, but also needs to conform to the decoration style of ----more

Preparation method of pesticide "mixed and used no…

The pesticides have different medicinal properties, different control objectives, and mixed purposes, so the method of mixing is different. The Chinese Pesticide Network Xiaobian explains for everyone, the "decrease" when the same target is prevented, and the "v ----more