SKF agricultural Y-bearing bearing strengths

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SKF agricultural Y-bearing bearing strengths

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-02-06

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According to the application effect of SKF Bearing China's general agent for many years, the agricultural machinery bearing can be seen; the problem of no sealing and determining equipment often leads to smooth oil leakage and premature failure. Farmers suffer lost productivity and profit; and original equipment manufacturers face More warranty costs and customer relationships are damaged.
SKF's agricultural Y-bearing unit can help avoid these effects for farmers and original equipment manufacturers. Delineation and testing; full of the most difficult operations; smooth and unitless powerful; five-lip seal depiction; leading ; true concentric locking method and optional anti-corrosion protection.
SKF agricultural Y-bearing bearing strengths:
Extended service life 30 to 50%*
Distinguish between declining guarantees; engineering; quizzes and assembling costs end-users progressing agricultural productivity declines repair costs and ownership cuts on the environment typically used:
Combine harvester and merger head baler harvester hay stuff / hair care mower tiller gang CD / plate rolling practice / grain

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