Switch sockets, how to install those things is the safest

Switch sockets are no longer unfamiliar products for us, and electrical products that are inseparable from thousands of households in China; they are hesitant to do so because the safety accidents caused by switch sockets are often encountered, so familiar and inseparable from our lives. The electrician must know how much we know, how to install the switch socket is the safest?

Height of installation:

The power switch is typically between 120 cm and 135 cm above the ground (generally the switch height is as high as the adult's shoulder). Wall sockets for audio-visual equipment, desk lamps, wiring boards, etc. are generally 30 cm from the ground (the living room socket depends on the TV cabinet and sofa), the socket of the washing machine is 120 cm to 150 cm from the floor, and the socket of the refrigerator is 150 cm to 180 cm. The sockets for air conditioners, exhaust fans, etc. are 190 cm to 200 cm from the ground; the kitchen function socket is 1100 high from the ground, and the gap is 600.

Installation location:

The general switch is opened and closed with one hand in the opposite direction, and the left hand is left with the right hand. Therefore, most of the switches in the home are installed on the left side of the door, so that it is easy to open with the right hand after entering the door. In line with the logic of behavior. However, this situation has a premise, and everyone must ensure that these premises are established:

1 The opening direction of the entrance door adjacent to this switch is the right side.

2 The height of the furniture before the door switch (this problem needs to be noted at home, shoe cabinets, large cabinets, kitchens, etc., not wider than the switch or higher than the switch, which is inconvenient for daily use.)

3 General entrance switch is recommended to use night light for convenience at night.

Multi-connector connection: Multi-connector switch is a switch with several buttons that can control multiple lights.

1 When an electrician is required to connect multiple switches, there must be a logic standard, or one by one in accordance with the order of the lamp orientation.

2 If the kitchen exhaust switch is also connected to the multi-connector, put it on the last one, and the middle control light switch should not be tripped. This function is separated, and it is easy to remember when it is turned on later. Otherwise it is often to find the light you want to turn on and turn all the switches on.

3 other notes:

1. Some sockets with switches can be set up, so that the plugs can be cut off and the power can be cut off, and the wires that are not pulled down can affect the appearance. For example, when the washing machine socket is not in use, it can be closed, and the air conditioner socket is closed in the off-season;

2. Do not install the kitchen socket on the stove top to prevent overheating;

3, install the bathroom Yuba switch, remember to stay a few centimeters of position, because this switch is generally a circle larger than the switch of the lamp, if it is a little bit installed, it will be troublesome;

4, the switch should be placed too close to the water, if installed in the open balcony, remember to use the special splash cover of the switch socket;

5. Consider the sockets in the bookcase and the lighting in the cabinet and the corresponding control switches;

6, consider the burglar alarm, gas alarm, wall-mounted LCD, porch lighting and other sockets and corresponding control switches;

7, consider the use of vacuum cleaners in each room, special satellite power outlets, wall-mounted fish tanks, etc., anyway, more reserved sockets than the last is not enough to use the off-line board to solve the beauty.

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