Details to pay attention to when purchasing wooden floors

When consumers buy the floor, they are always dizzy by the color and texture of the floor. What are the mistakes that consumers should pay attention to when purchasing wooden flooring? Below, follow the Jiuzheng Building Materials Network Get up and see!

Misunderstanding of consumption one: the pursuit of plain board is not willing to buy paint board

Some consumers think that the plain board is a genuine eucalyptus floor, and the price is cheap, and it can save a part of the processing fee by spending money on it, but I don’t know that the paint may cause the floor to be contaminated, the quality of the paint cannot be guaranteed, etc. The manufacturer operates through a mechanized and automated production line, which greatly reduces pollution and makes the product more environmentally friendly.

Misunderstanding of consumption 2: excessive pursuit of texture consistency

Oak flooring is a natural wood product. The color of the wood varies depending on the location of the plant and the sun exposure. In addition, even if the same wood is sawn down, because of the different positions of the sawing saw, the color depth and the wood texture will not be the same, so the oak floor objectively has the phenomenon of chromatic aberration and uneven pattern, which is actually a natural phenomenon, not necessarily Excessively demanding color consistency.

Misunderstanding of consumption three: solid wood flooring is not environmentally friendly

Some consumers think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, plus multi-layer glue between veneer, oak solid wood floor with high formaldehyde content, not environmentally friendly. In fact, the amount of formaldehyde released from solid wood flooring can be used with confidence if it is controlled within the limits set by national standards.

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