Analysis of Boiler Desulfurization Technology

CFB boiler combustion desulfurization is achieved by delivering the desulfurizing agent (limestone) and fuel into the furnace at the same time. The sulfate released by the desulfurizing agent and the fuel is discharged along with the slag to achieve sulfur fixation.

Limestone reacts with 502, including the two main processes of rapid decomposition of limestone calcining to CaO and relatively slow rate of CaO sulfation. The optimum reaction temperature for limestone calcination is 900C, and the reaction temperature between CaO and 502 oxidation exceeds 1200C. The reverse reaction occurs. With its unique design and operating conditions, the CFB boiler operates in the optimal temperature range for desulfurization of the entire main circulating loop. At the same time, due to the circulation of the solid material in the furnace, the residence time of the desulfurizing agent in the furnace is greatly extended, and the desulfurization efficiency is improved; in addition, the strong turbulent mixing in the furnace is also very beneficial to the combustion desulfurization.

The main factors affecting the desulfurization efficiency of CFB boilers are: combustion temperature, fluidization velocity, and desulfurizer usage. CFB boiler in the combustion temperature, fluidization speed under certain conditions, the amount of desulfurizer will directly affect the desulfurization effect. The optimum desulfurizer dosage is related to the sulfur content of the raw materials used in the boiler.

Dust removal mechanism and efficiency: CFB boiler adopts electrostatic dust removal technology. Its working principle is that when the dust particles pass through the high voltage electrostatic field, they collide with the positive and negative ions and electrons between the electrodes, and they are charged in the ion diffusion motion and bring electrons and ions. Dust particles move to the opposite electrode and accumulate on the opposite electrode under the action of electric force. The dust on the electrode falls into the hopper by rapping. The efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator mainly depends on the particle charge and particles. The working status of the three processes of capture and cleaning.

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