Technical points of current management of pepper

At present, the pepper grows into a vigorous growth period. With the growth of new shoots and thickening of branches, controlling the vegetative growth of shoots, promoting the lignification of branches, promoting flower bud differentiation, and strengthening root growth, these three important developmental stages are concentrated in July to September.

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Fertilizer should look at the sky, see the ground, look at the tree for proper recovery and fertilization, promote the growth of new branches, and lay the foundation for flower bud differentiation. It is necessary to fertilize in time, and the amount of fertilizer applied accounts for 50% of the annual fertilizer requirement, that is, about 300 grams per plant of mature trees, adding appropriate amount of zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium fertilizer, spraying 2 times of trace element fertilizer on the foliar surface to meet The demand for nutrients in the growth and development of pepper. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright

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Shuzhizhizhi is the reserved result branch, regulating the distribution and operation of nutrients, and promoting flower bud differentiation. The method of thinning branches is mainly based on sparse branches, which improve ventilation and light conditions by thinning and pruning, improve photosynthetic efficiency, promote flower bud differentiation and increase yield. When the length of the new shoot reaches 20 cm or more, the branches are cut, and the branches with no retention value such as delicate branches, inner branches, drooping branches, cross branches, overlapping branches, competition branches, long branches, and dense branches are cut off to avoid nutrients. Useless consumption, improve ventilation and light transmission, rejuvenate the inner lychee group and enhance photosynthesis. For the 4 years old or above, 40~60 branches should be left, and the diameter of the base of the culture branch is 1.2~1.8 cm. When the tip is picked in October, the length of the branch is 100~130 cm. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright

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Controlling shoots to control the vegetative growth of pepper shoots in summer and promote the transformation of vegetative growth into reproductive growth is an important measure to promote the results of pepper. In response to the growth of the pepper tree, the corresponding potion is sprayed on the whole garden pepper tree, which converts the vegetative growth of the tree into reproductive growth, inhibits the main shoots from growing, promotes the lignification of the branches and the differentiation of the flower buds, and more flowers, more fruit, and reduced fruit drop. Branches with erect or open angles are changed to horizontal or oblique upward by pull, other, pressure, etc., changing the top end of the branches, easing the growth of the branches, promoting flower bud formation and aging of the branches, and increasing the result parts. Move inside. At present, important diseases of pepper are rust, leaf disease, red spider, aphid. For pests and diseases, prevention should be the mainstay, and the corresponding drug control should be adopted for the occurrence of pests and diseases in each season. It can be combined with the use of the control agent to reduce the labor and increase the efficacy. It is a better solution for the current solution. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright

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