Chinese murals how to match the living room hang what Chinese murals suitable

The frescoes are very useful as a kind of decoration in the decoration of the space. In particular, some families of Chinese-style decoration will always hang one or two mural paintings in some important areas. How does the Chinese style fresco match? All right? What kind of Chinese mural is suitable for living?

First, how to mix Chinese murals

1. When choosing a Chinese mural as a decoration in a home, follow two principles. One is the principle of spaciousness, that is to say, according to the size of the space to match the appropriate frescoes, there must be no large murals in the small living room. It seems that the space is too narrow, and the second is the principle of adapting the furniture to match. Since it is necessary to choose Chinese murals for decoration, then the best furniture in the home is Chinese style, so as to be harmonious and beautiful.

2. Chinese fresco decoration in the home, in addition to its own decorative significance, there are many meanings that reflect a form of God effect, like the peony is a symbol of wealth, flowers and birds have Auspicious meaning, similar to this pattern are It is to give some hope for the future, and the Chinese mural must pay attention to the decorative position in the home, can be decorated in the study, living room, restaurant, master bedroom these places.

Second, the living room hanging what Chinese mural suitable

1. Songquan Waterfall Map

The Chinese mural painting “Song Quan Fei Pu Tu” has the morale of success, not only has a strong artistic expression and appeal, but also a very harmonious geographic feng shui element, a distant artistic conception is a work of Wang Ding and Wang Cai, not only The good work of adjusting feng shui can also decorate the space and make the living room more beautiful.

2. The Great Wall Wanli Map

Chinese style pays attention to the pursuit of the elegant and implicit Eastern style spiritual realm. Therefore, Chinese furniture, window frames and paintings (murals) are required to be reflected in each other. This picture of the “Great Wall Wanli Map” is magnificent and magnificent. The shape and far-reaching artistic conception create a warm and elegant room that is ideal for decorating the living room.

3, "Purple East"

Landscape painting for the Chinese people have a different kind of feelings, in the living room decorated with such a natural beauty of the landscape works is certainly the most appropriate, sturdy mountains, brushstrokes, elegant scenery, misty clouds and other filled with the atmosphere With dignity, it also gives the entire living room a sleek and simple modern atmosphere.

Editor's Note: The above is a good introduction on how Chinese murals are well-matched and Chinese murals in the living room. Chinese murals have a lot of charm. They are one of the outdated decorations. They are used to seeing the city's reinforced concrete and concrete buildings. After being put down and busy, it is not only a kind of spiritual relaxation but also a kind of enjoyment.

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