Kitchen decoration process which kitchen decoration notes

If you want to better enjoy the process of cooking food, a good cooking area is very critical, but for the first time the owner of the renovation, there may be many places do not move, for fear of this error that is wrong After all, decoration is a major event. If one is inattentive and the decoration is wrong, it will not only be costly and laborious to renovate, but it will also affect later use. So for the kitchen, what is the decoration process? Here's a look at the kitchen renovation process along with Xiaobian, and I hope to provide some help for your decoration.

What are the kitchen renovation processes

First, understand the market development style and budget

Before preparing for the construction, first of all, we should have a general understanding of the market conditions. At the same time, because the products on the market are very rich and there are many choices, we must not buy products without knowing them. Instead, we should customize the approximate style and budget according to our own situation. In order to control the future decoration.

Second, ask the designer

Although most homeowners today will give cooking area costumes to specialized personnel, but do you know, in fact, the designer's overall mastery of the room is stronger, such as the transformation of the kitchen layout, basic function settings, the choice of tile color And so on, designers all have more say. In addition, the hidden line drawing of the project is also drawn by the designer. The condition of the line can also reflect the requirements for the kitchen.

Third, buy tiles, some kitchen appliances and sinks

Generally speaking, when doing woodwork, you should start buying bricks and some cooking area appliances. After the tiles are bought, you can ask the mason to paste them. Before contacting the cabinet company, you will set the stove and hood. It is necessary to buy things like sterilizers and sinks because kitchen cabinet designers design kitchen cabinets based on the size of these items.

Fourth, contact the kitchen cabinet

As we all know, the cupboard is the largest item in the cooking area, so when selecting related businesses, we must carefully compare the cost-effectiveness of each individual, and at the same time must make full homework before entering the kitchen cabinet designer, and personally measure the size of their own kitchen. When there is a basic dimension drawing, there will be emboldenedness when communicating with the designer or shopping guide of the kitchen cabinet company.

Fifth, buy refrigerators, small appliances and hardware pendants

After the cabinet is placed, the last small step is left, that is, to buy some kitchen utensils. For example, when buying a refrigerator, it is necessary to measure the size in advance. If small household appliances such as microwave ovens are to be hung on the wall, they must be bought in advance. , Hardware pendants should also be configured according to the actual situation, these can be requested to install the decoration team's master.

Kitchen decoration notice

For this area, the excessive taste of oil smoke is a very difficult situation. In order to solve this problem, most users will purchase a high-quality range hood. Its installation height should be based on the user's height and should be Cabinets and hoods are installed at the same time, in addition to the kitchen lighting should be used waterproof, anti-fog lamps, circuit joints should also be strictly treated with waterproof insulation, so as not to enter the water vapor, causing a short circuit, a fire.

Summary: The article is about the content of the kitchen renovation process , which explains what, I believe many partners for the kitchen decoration process which has a further understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

Kitchen Decoration Kitchen Decoration Notice

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