How to choose ceramic wash basin? Ceramic wash basin cleaning and maintenance

There are several types of ceramic wash basins: kaolin, quartz, feldspar, ball clay and alumina. After the heat is heated at a high temperature. The ceramic clay is porcelainized and the glaze is fused to achieve the effect of no water seepage, firmness and luster. As an important part of the bathroom space, it is more important in the selection. Ceramic wash basins are divided into ceramic basins, ceramic basins and ceramic semi-introduction basins, while ceramic basins are divided into ceramic basins and ceramic countertops. When choosing a ceramic wash basin, you should choose according to your own overall style and according to your own favorite, but the most important thing is quality. How to choose high quality ceramic wash basin?

Ceramic wash basin features

1. The use of ceramic wash basins is a habit for people for many years and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

2. Ceramic wash basins are economical.

3. Diversified shapes, ceramic wash basins with round, semi-circular, square, triangular, rhombic and irregular shapes are now available everywhere.

4. Rich in color, the current ceramic wash basins are no longer the same white. Due to the development of ceramic technology and the popularity of painting, the colorful art ceramic wash basins are very popular.

How to choose ceramic wash basin?

1. Observe. When selecting, first of all, like ordinary white ceramic wash basins, attention should be paid to glaze finish and brightness. Good glaze finish and excellent brightness, pure color, not easy to hang dirty dirt, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new. When judging, it can be selected from a variety of angles from the side of the ceramic under strong light. The good glaze should have no spots, blisters and bubbles, the surface is very smooth; the reflection of light is good and uniform; it can also be used on the surface by hand. Gently stroke, the hand sensor is very smooth and delicate. Another expert suggested that the back of the ceramic wash basin should have a slight frictional feeling of “sand”. When choosing, you can also put different brands of products together for observation, which is convenient for quickly judging the quality of the wash basin.

2. Stroke. Gently rubbing on the hand, the hand feels smooth and flat, indicating that the quality of the product is qualified. If you feel the fine particles, it means the production process is rough. The back of the product is usually frosted and feels a kind of rustling.

3. Play it. The high-quality ceramic wash basin can be heard by the hand and gently rubbed. If the sound is hoarse, the surface of the product is cracked. It is also a good product.

4. Water absorption rate. Water absorption rate refers to the ability of ceramic products to have a certain adsorption and penetration of water. If the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will expand to some extent, and the glaze on the ceramic surface will easily crack due to expansion. Especially for products with high water absorption such as ceramic wash basins, it is easy to inhale the dirt and odor in the water into the ceramic, and after a long time of use, there is an odor that cannot be removed.

If you can notice the above four points when you choose, I believe that you will be able to choose the products you like. Finally, after the ceramic wash basin is purchased, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and often wipe clean to last a long time.

Ceramic wash basin cleaning and maintenance

1. First turn on the faucet, try to open it up, and rinse the wash basin first with clean water.

2. Then we find a piece of cloth or a towel that is not used. After soaking the towel, wipe the dirt on the wash basin.

3. If there is dirt that cannot be removed, we can add some washing powder and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

4. When cleaning, we can also use toothpaste, apply the toothpaste to the dirt, and then wipe it with a damp cloth after a while.

5. When cleaning, we can also use white vinegar, white vinegar can decompose a part of the dirt, and the decontamination effect is also good.

6. If your ceramic wash basin is not expensive, you can use the silk tennis ball to wipe the brush. This effect is good, but it is easy to scratch the wash basin.

7. Of course, you can also go to the supermarket to buy a bag of decontamination powder to wipe the ceramic wash basin, the effect is good, but also with aroma.

8. After wiping clean with the above method, rinse with water once, rinse the materials used, and then wipe them off with a dry towel, so that it is not easy to have dust.

The maintenance work of the ceramic wash basin is relatively simple. Clean it with a damp cloth and a cleaning agent. Be careful not to use a rag with strong friction. The daily dust and sand should be removed in time to prevent the ceramic surface from being worn. When the ceramic wash basin is scratched, apply a little toothpaste, then wipe it with a soft cloth and then wax it.

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