How to check if the smart door lock is installed properly

As a familiar and unfamiliar smart product, smart door locks are used more and more widely. The smart door lock installation procedure is not complicated, but it is not simple. Smart door lock installation usually requires the help of a professional locker. How to verify the installation in the shortest time after the installation of the intelligent door lock? Today Xiaobian will talk with you about this knowledge.

Smart door lock

Check if the smart door lock installation is qualified:

1. Check if the smart door lock is installed firmly. You can shake it hard and feel it is strong.

2. Test the anti-lock and lock the door smoothly after installation.

3. Check if the battery of the smart door lock is new or not installed, open the door directly, close the door or check the battery.

4. If there is a door open or press the lock tongue, it will alarm.

5, understand how to open the door card, easy to use in the future.

6. After the technician installs, reset the door lock system and re-assign the card.

7. When the installation master is on site, it is necessary to test all the intelligent door lock unlocking methods, and determine the method of introduction can be unlocked.

8. Finally check if the mechanical key is complete.

The above is an introduction to the method of detecting the installation of smart door locks. Here, we must remind everyone that after the smart door lock is installed, don't forget to test the smart door lock unlocking method to determine the most suitable unlocking method.

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