Smart lock function selection need to pay attention to what?

The function of selecting the smart lock is to satisfy one's own needs on the one hand and the quality of the lock on the other hand. Users usually choose their own practical, favorite products, then the choice of smart lock function need to pay attention to what?

Smart lock function choice need to pay attention to what?

1, a good smart lock, you can open the door to permissions, you can set the owner of the open method and management rights, nanny, clean work is another open.

2. Fingerprints can be added or removed at any time, such as: the nanny leaving the house and the employee leaving can easily remove her fingerprints.

3, a home or an office is not only an entry and exit, so smart locks need to have a method to open the door, many people open the door fingerprint, product quality should be solid.


4. There are several ways to open smart locks under normal conditions. Among them, there are password functions. When selecting, try not to choose products that highlight password functions. The password is not as good as fingerprint security. There are usually 4 keys and 12 keys. In daily life, do not use passwords to open the door as much as possible, which can effectively prevent being stolen.

5, but also have the function of investigation and recording, the owner can check the door record at any time, and sometimes can become key evidence, generally with a display screen.

6, certainly with a mechanical key, any electronic part has the possibility of error, relatively speaking, the mechanical part should be more stable, save the mechanical key of the lock as a home alternative door opening method, like our usual squat aircraft, car In spite of the automatic control status, the artificial control part is still saved, which is a kind of safety consideration.

7, in the relatively powerful situation, smart lock makers will choose high-grade lock cylinder, so that product quality can certainly be guaranteed to choose a good lock cylinder. The quality of the mechanical key cylinder is directly related to your door's tamper resistance and stability. This part is also very important, smart lock is no better, and ultimately can not be separated from the cylinder part.

8, other fancy features can not. Choose the smart function of the functional lock, more than one function is more of a bad possibility, after the product is broken or repair you do not repair, maintenance, then, in the warranty period is OK, after the warranty period, it should not be free.

The function of selecting smart locks needs to take into account the above eight points, so as to be able to select products that can meet their own life needs without causing functional waste.

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