Home companies enter the cabinet industry

Home companies enter the cabinet industry To stroll around the cabinet area of ​​the large-scale integrated home market, consumers will find that Kohler and Wrigley, who originally made sanitary wares, started the cabinets; EGGER, which is mainly based on floors and plates, also has its own cabinet brands; more It is the kitchen cabinet brand and home improvement company built by the kitchen appliance company to enter the kitchen industry. Cross-border brand to do cabinets, whether the product is trustworthy? How is the degree of market recognition? What other links need to be improved?

A Blue Ocean Contains Huge Business Opportunity Currently, the cabinet production and sales market is not yet saturated and mature, and there are no less than 1,000 cabinet brands in the market. However, no real market leading brand has emerged, and more regional brands have robbed the market in disputes. The cabinet industry in China as a whole The small scale of the industry and the lack of core competitiveness of the products are currently being developed in the direction of integration, fashion, and high-end, and they have great business opportunities. Hu Yaxiu, Secretary-General of the China Building Decoration Association's kitchen and bathroom engineering committee, told the reporter that from the perspective of the amount of tasks completed by the leading companies in the cabinet industry in the first quarter, the market for the cabinet industry in China will be very optimistic. In this context, kitchen-related industry companies are eager to try the cabinet industry. In the process of survival of the fittest, brands that do well are getting stronger and stronger. Poorly done companies are in danger of closing down or being swallowed up, and the market is becoming clear.

Cross-border production to seize market share In order to eat this big cake cupboard, more and more home companies to enter the cabinet industry. On May 6th, Nature Home successfully contracted ALNO, the top European cabinet maker, in Hong Kong and promoted the “WELLMANN” brand (Weierman cabinet) brand in China. Prior to this, Fang Tai entered the cabinet industry, reorganized Fangtai Integrated Kitchen as “Fang Taibai Kitchen” and opened its first flagship store in Beijing at the Hongxing Meikailong East Fourth Ring Store. It is reported that in the first half of the trial operation, Single 500 single. The Boss Group renamed its Amber cabinet to Gifford, and Aucma Group renamed its Aucma cabinet to “Aobodi”.

Not only that, the home improvement company is also irreversibly entering and occupying a place in the kitchen consumption field. For example, the Baixi Cabinet under the Yuanzhou Decoration Group is now cooperating with Shuntiantong Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd., Langfang Huaxia Aurora and the Japanese Embassy. Into the engineering production of cabinets, and planning to integrate into the protection of housing projects in the production and sales of cabinet products. According to Li Ting, general manager of Baishi Cabinets, about 20%-30% of the 20 million annual sales are engineering sales. “We are currently serving the internal customers of the Yuen Chau Group. We will do a good job internally, and then we will explore brand building on this basis.”

At present, decoration is to use its own main old house decoration, the production and sales of cabinets used in the renovation of old houses, in the current cabinet sales accounted for about 60% of the proportion. "Unlike large-scale standardized production, we mainly make supporting production and sales of cabinet products, and strive to achieve style integration and construction integration to meet the individual needs of different consumers." said Wang Xiaobing, currently deputy general manager of decoration.

Measuring the Advantages and Disadvantages Production integration products Hu Ya-nan pointed out that cross-border production has the defect of low level of specialization. Therefore, to cross-border, first of all, we must take the scale of our original branded products to a certain extent, be far ahead, and grasp the right timing.

Wu Yong, the deputy secretary-general of the Furniture Association of China Furniture Association, believes that there must be sufficient funds, talent, and market reserves before cross-border consideration can be considered. "Bathrooms, home appliances and other enterprises have greater advantages in talents, standardized production, enterprise management, equipment, and market space. The products are mostly mass-produced and standardized. However, the cabinet industry has a different production model than that - individuality. Customized production. To achieve a better cross-border, we must combine high-volume standardized production with individualized custom production, and add a personalized design to the standardized cabinet.” said Yong Yong.

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