Building waterproof material and building waterproof system

Throughout the history of China's architectural development and the achievements and experience of human architecture, structure and waterproofing are the key to building waterproofing systems. The ingenious design and suitable ordinary materials can completely solve the problem of waterproofing and leakage of buildings.

In the design of the site, in the site selection, it is necessary to avoid low-lying, easy-to-water-soil areas, building drainage facilities, drainage facilities and systems are one of the important means to solve the problem of building waterproofing and urban disaster reduction. We can get from the Forbidden City in Beijing, annex Earthen buildings, buildings such as the Shanxi Qiao Family Courtyard, have been preserved for centuries. The Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project and the biogas digesters in the 1970s and the waterbank embankments built in the southern mountainous areas fully demonstrate the wisdom and achievements of ancient Chinese architecture and building waterproofing technology.

Modern building waterproof and waterproof materials, relying too much on chemical synthetic anti-water materials, regardless of underground, wall, roof, reservoir dam, levee. Drinking pools, sewage pools, artificial lakes, etc., can all see the shadow of chemical materials. In 2010, the national waterproof industry output value was about 300 billion yuan. From this, we can see the industrial scale of chemical waterproof materials, which is really worrying.

Urban building waterproofing is a system that involves many issues such as materials, technology, construction, resources and environmental protection.  

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