Cultivation points

Touching incense is also known as apple vanilla, hand-flavored, shrubby herb. Sprawling, stems are brown, tender stems are green or reddish. Leaves ovate or obovate, smooth, thick leathery, margined. Umbrella petals, flowers are dark red, pink and white, blue, etc. Perennial herb. More branched, the whole plant is covered with fine white fluff. Flesh leaves, alternating opposite, green, ovoid, blunt serrate at the edges.

Cultivation points of bumping incense :

1, light and temperature: touch the fragrant sun, but also more resistant to yin. For fear of cold, it needs to be cultivated in the greenhouse. Not resistant to water and humidity. Hi warm, not cold. Winter needs a temperature of 5 ° C ~ 10 ° C. The touch of incense prefers a sunny environment, and the fleshy leaves will be thick under strong light; the leaves will become flat and thin when the light is insufficient.

2. Soil: Touch the soil that is fragrant and loose.

3, ventilation: due to bumps and incense in the greenhouse all year round, requires air circulation, fresh, otherwise vulnerable to scale insect pests.

4, watering: touch the fragrance is not resistant to moisture, too wet is easy to rotten to death. The soil should be dry and wet, and the cloudy days should reduce or stop watering and fertilization. After the summer, you must water less, and in winter you have to control the watering. Generally, it depends on the leaves wilting before watering, otherwise it is easy to grow.

5, pruning: because the bump is easy to branch, grow in the horizontal plane, so the plant spacing should be wide when planting, in order to make the branches and leaves stretch. Moderate pruning promotes branching and growth.

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