Vertical multi-stage pump loading and unloading precautions introduced

Vertical multistage pump is a non-self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pump which is designed and manufactured by absorbing advanced technologies both at home and abroad. It adopts standard vertical motor and quick-loading mechanical seal, and the replacement is very convenient. With the overall compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, significant energy saving, easy maintenance and so on. Let Xiaobian to brief you on vertical multi-stage pump loading and unloading considerations. Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump handling considerations Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump handling Notes: 1. Check the water pump and motor intact before installation. 2. The pump should be installed as close as possible to the water source 3. Pumps and The base is installed in two ways, one is the rigid connection directly installed on the cement foundation, and the other is the flexible connection installed by JGD type shock absorber, the specific method is shown in the installation diagram. 4. The direct installation can pump Placed on the basis of padded 30-40 mm (ready to fill the slurry used.) And then calibrated and put on the anchor bolts, filled with cement mortar, after 3 to 5 days after the cement dried up. Recalibrate until the cement completely dry After tightening the anchor bolt nut 5. Install the pipeline inch, 逬, outlet pipe should have their own support, the pump flange should not be subjected to excessive pipeline weight. Cheng occasions, the end of the inlet pipe should be equipped with the bottom 闼. And the import and export pipe should not have too many corners. At the same time there is no leakage. Leakage exists. 7. In the mouth of the pipe is best equipped with a filter to Anti-impurities into the impeller inside. The effective area of ​​the filter should be the inlet pipe area 3 ~ 4 times, to ensure the free flow of liquid. 8. For maintenance and ease of use, install a regulating valve on the inlet and outlet of the pump and a pressure gauge near the outlet of the pump to ensure that the pump operates within the rated range to ensure the normal operation and use of the pump Life 9. mouth for expansion of the diameter of the mouth, please use the eccentric reducer 遒 connector to expand Read: Motor Top Ten Guangzhou World Expo China Construction Water Exhibition pump manufacturers rank ptc exhibition All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps network editor: gogoing (QQ / micro-channel:) starting: http: // (service hotline:)

Aluminum Fluoride Basic Information
CAS: 7784-18-1
MF: AlF3
MW: 83.98
EINECS: 232-051-1
Mol File: 7784-18-1.mol

Aluminum Fluoride Structure

Aluminum fluoride

Aluminum Fluoride Chemical Properties
Melting point 250°C
Boiling point 1291 °C
density 3.1 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
solubility Sparingly soluble in acids and alkalies. Insoluble in Acetone.
Color White to light gray


[Use 1]
Used as a flux for non-ferrous metals, it can be used to make fluoride from other aluminum.
[Use 2]
Used as an electrolytic bath component in the production of aluminum to lower the melting point and increase the conductivity of the electrolyte.
A suppressant for fermentation when used to produce alcohol.
Used as a flux for outer glaze and enamel enamel of ceramics.
Used in welding fluids in metal welding.
Used to make optical lenses.
It is used as a catalyst for organic synthesis and as a raw material for synthesizing cryolite.

Aluminum Fluoride CAS No.7784-18-1

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