Causes multistage centrifugal pump group low efficiency factor

Vertical multistage pump is now more common on the market a new type of pump, with the overall compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, significant energy saving, easy maintenance and so on. . Pump efficiency is the product of multistage centrifugal pump efficiency and motor efficiency. The main reasons for the low efficiency of multistage centrifugal pumps are the following. Causes multistage centrifugal pump group low efficiency factor 1. Multi-stage centrifugal pump efficiency is the most fundamental impact. The same working conditions of the pump, the efficiency may differ by more than 15%. 2. Centrifugal pump operating conditions lower than the rated pump conditions, low pump efficiency, high energy consumption. 3. Motor efficiency in the use of the basic unchanged. So it is important to choose a high efficiency motor. 4. The main impact of mechanical efficiency and design and manufacturing quality. After the pump is selected, the latter part of the management has little effect. 5. Hydraulic losses include hydraulic friction and local resistance loss. Pump running for a certain period of time, inevitably cause impeller and vane and other parts of the surface wear and tear, hydraulic loss increases, reducing hydraulic efficiency. 6. Multi-stage centrifugal pump volume loss, also known as leakage losses, including impeller seal ring, interstage, axial force balance of three kinds of leakage losses. The level of volumetric efficiency is not only related to the design and manufacture, but also related to the latter part of management. Pump continuous operation for a certain period of time, due to the friction between the various components, the gap increases, reducing the volumetric efficiency. 7. As the filter cylinder is clogged, pipeline intake and other causes of centrifugal pump exhaust and idling. 8. Before the multistage centrifugal pump starts, the staff does not pay attention to the preparatory work before the start of the centrifugal pump. The implementation of the basic operating procedures such as warm pump, disk pump and perfusion pump is not implemented thoroughly and often causes cavitation of the pump, causing pump noise, vibration, Low pump efficiency. Further reading: Motor IFAT China's top ten brands Guangzhou Exhibition building water pump manufacturers ranking ptc Show article belongs to Internet industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network Editor : Gogoing (QQ / wechat:) starting: (service hotline:)

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