Japan develops heat-resistant new technology for electric vehicle batteries

Recently, Japan Daikin Industries and Japan's High Paper Industry have jointly developed a high-heat-resistant lithium battery technology for electric vehicles. The new technology does not require a battery cooling system, which reduces the weight of the vehicle body while reducing its own power consumption. The distance traveled on a single charge can be increased by 30% to 40%. It also prevents battery self-ignition accidents and improves driving safety.

Lithium batteries for existing vehicles generate heat due to a chemical reaction when they generate electricity, and when the temperature rises to 45 degrees or more, the power generation performance decreases, and a cooling system needs to be installed. During the high temperature season in summer, the full cooling system operation can reduce the efficiency, and the travel distance can be shortened by about 30%.

The new technology uses fluorine compounds instead of flammable electrolyte components, and the new electrolyte made can work normally even if the temperature rises up to 60 degrees. The insulation material made of finely processed vegetable fibers is more resistant to high temperatures than the current general-purpose resin film products. The reduction of the expansion and contraction rate can greatly increase the heat resistance of the insulation assembly; the binder used for the electrode is replaced with a high-heat-resistant material, and even at high temperatures, no dissolution phenomenon will occur.

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