Acrylic waterproof coating process

There are many types of waterproof coatings on the market. The most frequently used waterproof coatings are JS waterproof coatings, acrylic waterproof coatings, nanotechnology waterproof coatings, and polyurethane waterproof coatings. Acrylic waterproof coating is based on pure acrylate copolymer or pure propionate emulsion. It is made by adding appropriate amount of high-quality fillers and additives. It is a synthetic resin single component waterproof coating. A new type of paint, no pollution, anti-aging, good toughness. No matter whether it is environmental protection, price, or construction, it goes beyond polyurethane waterproof coatings. Then, the next small series for everyone to introduce the acrylic waterproof coating process.

1, cleaning the grass - brushing primary treatment agent - detailed additional layer construction - brushing the first pass coating - brushing the second pass coating - brushing the third pass the coating - brushing the fourth Throughout the paint - paint the fifth pass paint until the required thickness - water storage test - quality acceptance.

2. Use a spatula to remove the gray skin that is stuck on the screed. Use a broom to sweep away, especially the roots, floor drains, and drain outlets. If oily, brush off with a wire brush and sandpaper. The surface must be flat and the depression should be leveled with 1:2.5 cement mortar.

3, brushing base treatment agent: base treatment agent for the low-viscosity acrylate (acrylate coating: water = 4:1), stirring with a stirrer in the construction, you can brush. When brushing, first brush at the yin and yang angles and the root of the tube, then brush it over a large area.

4, details of the additional layer construction: The acrylic waterproof coating with stirring evenly. Use a rubber scraper to evenly brush the weak parts that are easy to leak, such as floor drains, pipe roots, yin and yang angles, and water outlets. Do not leak the brush. The width of the additional layer should not be less than 30cm, that is, not less than 15cm on each side. Additional layers are added around, and the width and height of the upper pipe are not less than 150mm. Spread a 30cm wide glass mesh cloth in the vulnerable parts such as floor drains, pipe roots, yin and yang corners, and water outlets that are liable to leak water. The lap length of the glass mesh cloth is 10 cm, and the overlap of the glass mesh cloth is overlapped in the direction of the downstream water.

5, the first pass of film construction: the single-component acrylic waterproof paint poured into the mixing bucket, with electric mixer stir (about 5min). Scrape a layer of paint with a rubber squeegee or a paint brush to a uniform thickness.

6, the second time coating film construction: the first time the coating film curing (ie, hard dry, hand touch the sticky hand), according to the above method for the second coating operation, in order to uniform film thickness, the direction of the coating must be The first pass is vertical and the amount of knife is the same as the first pass.

7, the third pass of film construction: After the second pass of the coating is cured and dried, the third pass is still applied according to the method of the first two passes. The squeegee direction and the second pass of each vertical wipe are the same as the second pass.

8, the fourth pass of film construction: After the third pass of the film coating curing dry, and then brushing the fourth pass of the coating according to the above method. The brushing direction is the same as the third pass for the third pass.

9, the fifth pass of film construction: After the fourth pass of the film is cured, then according to the above method, scratch the fifth pass paint.

10. Water storage test: After the waterproof layer is completely dry, the water storage test can be conducted after inspection and acceptance. No leakage is qualified in 24 hours, and the water storage height is 30-50 mm.

Editor's summary: The process flow of acrylic waterproof coating is introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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