Cabinets have doorways to pay attention to details

The choice of cabinets is related to whether it can be used satisfactorily. For the owners of the first renovation, if they don't know how to choose the cabinets that are suitable for their own, they will inevitably encounter various problems in the future.

When buying cabinets, don't rush to see the style, and don't bargain with the clerk right away. First, take a closer look at the promotional materials of the cabinet. The formal company promotional materials include standard LOGO and registered trademark R, which generally include the company's introduction, sample display and performance introduction, and service commitment. Owners should also request relevant test reports. The state has expressly stipulated that a finished product test report should be issued and the formaldehyde content should be clearly indicated. The brand should provide a test report of “qualified finished products” to prove that its products are qualified.

After determining the quality of the cabinet, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the materials, splicing, edge sealing, hardware and other details of the cabinet. Try to choose the cabinet with the box and the structure and the fixing parts and the quick-installing parts. The cabinet produced in this way can more effectively ensure the firmness of the box and be more environmentally friendly.

Owners should not neglect the edge of the cabinet when purchasing. According to the experience of Haiyun, the edge of the high-quality cabinet is smooth, smooth and feels good. The sealing line is straight and smooth, the joint is fine, and the professional manufacturer uses straight edge banding machine. Finishing, edge cutting, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes at one time, the glue is evenly applied, and the pressure of the pressure seal is stable, ensuring accurate dimensions.

Cabinet hardware has played an important role in the use of the entire cabinet, especially the slide rails of the drawer and the bearings at the joints. Although these are small details, they are an important part of the quality of the cabinet. The countertop is the main component of the cabinet. The materials currently used for the cabinet countertop are mainly quartz stone and acrylic countertops. However, the quality and price of countertops on the market are uneven, and owners should try to choose branded countertops.

Finally, I have to mention the installation problem. Everyone knows that the ordered cabinets are only semi-finished products. Through the design of the designers and the installation of the installers, the final set of cabinets will appear in the owner's kitchen in the form of finished products. So when buying cabinets, be sure to check whether the brand has an independent and professional team. Otherwise, if the whole set of cabinets is installed with problems due to size or design, then it is regrettable. (Source: Wenzhou Net Wenzhou Evening News)

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