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Range hoods are a must-have device in the kitchen and are closely related to everyday life. How to purchase a range hood with ideal performance and price to keep the indoor environment clean and comfortable is a concern for every consumer. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

1. Structure: It is more stable to choose to install the fixed equipment. Usually, the range hood should be fixed on the wall. Therefore, in addition to the keys, holes, hooks, etc., it is required to have a suitable device to fix it on the wall. At the same time, the device should be made of metal that is not easily moved or deformed. So as not to cause loose use of the fixed equipment for a long time.

2. Marking: The name, trademark, rated voltage, rated input power and certification mark of the model, manufacturer or distributor should be indicated on the range hood. If the range hood has an illumination bulb, the maximum power of the bulb used should also be indicated on or near the lamp holder. At the same time, each range hood is equipped with a Chinese instruction manual to help consumers use it safely. In the instruction manual, the minimum distance between the range hood and the support surface of the cooking utensils on the stove should be marked, and the range hood should be directly prohibited from baking. The purchase should be clearly recognized.

3. Choose a good after-sales dealer and manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, you should purchase well-known brand range hoods. These product manufacturers have high-quality service teams, advanced production technology and production capacity, which not only can produce better quality range hood products, but also provide high quality. After-sales service, relieve the worries of using the range hood. It is difficult to solve problems in the process of using the product.

4. Consumers should choose range hood products according to their own consumption power. At the time of purchase, you can feel the leaking air around the range hood by hand. The air volume is not big. If there is no air leakage and the large air volume indicates that the range hood has strong ability to smoke, you can also directly feel the noise of the range hood. The size, especially the frontal noise, and the touch of the casing to see if the vibration, quiet, smooth running range hood is the user's first choice.

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