Spraying ethephon at the right time to improve cotton quality and taste

Cotton is the leading industry for the increase of rural economy in our county. In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of cotton production in our county, and to improve the grade and market share of cotton production, the use of cotton ethephon this year should be timely and appropriate according to the weather changes. China Pesticide Network Xiaobian teaches you the specific details:
1. The time when cotton is sprayed with ethephon. According to meteorological data: It is expected that the early frost in our county will appear around September 28, slightly earlier than the previous year. Therefore, the appropriate time for the county to spray ethephon on cotton is around September 10. Spraying ethephon too early makes the length of cotton fiber shorter, and the amount of alfalfa seeds increases, affecting quality and yield.
2. Ethylene utilization. It is necessary to correct the excessive use of pesticides on the current production. According to the production practice: cotton generally uses 40% ethephon 250-300 g per acre for 30 kg of water, and chooses to spray evenly on sunny days.

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