Water bamboo maintenance method

Water bamboo maintenance method :

Water bamboo has higher requirements for water. It is best to use mineral water and pure water, followed by tap water, but it must be precipitated before use. The water surface is 3 cm above the root. Do not immerse too much to prevent the roots from affecting the breath.

If the rod is rotted, the decayed part must be cut in time to cut off the rot-free part, preferably from the bamboo section. Generally speaking, once the water bamboo is rooted, it is not easy to rot. If there is a rot, in addition to cutting off the rot, some bright green treasure can be put in the water to use the root. The water will change once in half a month.

When potting, keep the soil moist during the growing season, or directly into the basin that does not leak water, keep the water in the basin about 5 cm deep, which can avoid the trouble of watering every day. During the peak season, fertilize 1-2 times a month. In order to control the height, 400 ppm of paclobutrazol can be watered once in May, which can effectively control its growth. This grass has a wide adaptability to light, and it can grow well in full sunlight or semi-shade, but it is more favorable for its growth in the summer, and it can keep the leaves green and not old.

Pests and diseases

Leaf blight and red spider damage often occur. Leaf blight can be sprayed with 50% thiophanate 1000 times solution, and red spider is sprayed with 40% dimethoate 1500 times solution.

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