LED lighting storm hits users how to buy anti-price traps

Not long ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of the 12th Five-Year Plan", requiring the government to adopt financial subsidies to promote the use of energy-efficient home appliances and lighting products among residents. LED light sources with significant energy savings are creating a storm of change that sweeps across the entire lighting industry. However, most people do not really understand and are familiar with the LED light source as a new thing. And a variety of LED lighting concepts and brands emerge one after another, so that consumers are confused. In the case that the LED lighting industry has not yet formed a unified industry standard, how to popularize product common sense and let consumers clearly understand that consumption is one of the keys to the healthy development of the industry. Here are some of the key ways to teach you how to purchase LED lighting products.

The first trick: the brand is the key

The excellent energy saving of the LED light source is that its light-emitting component is a light-emitting chip made of a semiconductor material, and the chip is a core component of the LED light, which determines the energy-saving and long life of the LED light source product. The energy-saving advantages of LED light source are particularly prominent in high-end hotels, large-scale supermarkets and other places where the amount of lamps is large and the lamp usage is long. The introduction of LED light source can bring about 50% energy saving, and the economic and social benefits are remarkable. Naturally, the quality of the chip determines the energy saving effect and service life of the LED light source. At present, internationally renowned chip brands such as Nichia, Corey, and Preh are guaranteed in terms of quality, and are also the chip suppliers of choice for large-scale lighting companies at home and abroad. Only good chips are far from enough. How to ensure that the chip has a good working environment and achieve the best light distribution effects and other professional technologies, but also test the comprehensive strength of lighting companies. Brand lighting companies such as Philips, Sanxiong and Aurora have relatively standardized and rigorous management systems for products and services. At the same time, they have strong integration in technology, management and service after long-term technology accumulation, service innovation and brand precipitation. Ability, this is also the confidence guarantee for consumers to purchase LED products and services.

The second measure: wary of price traps

Another major advantage of LED light source is that it has a long life. Under the proper use environment, the service life of LED can reach 100,000 hours, which can effectively save the maintenance and replacement cost of users. However, many consumers report that the service life of the LED products they purchase is far from expected. This is because the LED light source brands on the market are very mixed, and some of them are inevitably sacrificed despite their low price. If the user purchases a poor quality LED product, it is easy to flash or not, and the life and energy saving effect will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, users must consider the economics of purchasing LED light sources from a long-term perspective when purchasing LED light source products. If you don't know much about LED light source products, simply purchasing cheap products will have endless troubles. Especially for hotels, shopping malls and other commercial places, if the LED light source with poor quality is selected, it will not achieve the ideal energy-saving effect during the use period, and it will lead to higher use due to frequent power-off maintenance and replacement. Cost and greater operating losses.

The third measure: attach importance to design and production process

After a period of lighting, the LED light source will have a phenomenon, that is, its brightness will be reduced, the terminology is called light decay. In addition to the quality of the chip, the appearance of light decay is closely related to the heat dissipation design of the lamp and the overall packaging process. At present, some lighting companies with strong technical strength have effectively reduced the light decay of LED light sources through good design. However, some non-mainstream brands that do not have accumulated experience in the lighting industry are often directly moved from other LED-related industries. They lack experience in lighting applications, and are not suitable for lighting products, and the combination of components is loose. Achieve the desired results.

The fourth measure: 'light health' can not be ignored

Modern people's life is inseparable from lighting. Offices, homes, shopping malls, etc. are all filled with all kinds of lighting fixtures. After a long time, many people will suffer from physical discomfort, such as suffering from 'light fatigue syndrome' and dry eyes. , acid, dizziness, headache, nervousness, fatigue, etc. In fact, this is the 'light pollution' that everyone often mentions, so 'light health' is the unanimous appeal of consumers. Nowadays, the emergence of LED energy-saving and environment-friendly light source brings health to everyone while bringing low-carbon life to everyone. In addition, the LED is a light source that absolutely does not contain mercury, which reduces the pollution to the environment, and is illuminated by direct current, the illumination is continuous, and the stroboscopic problem is also avoided. 'Light health' is in line with the concept of modern people's healthy life. It not only refers to pure light health, but also a concept and a new way of life, advocating more scientific lighting methods and constructing a harmonious and healthy lighting space. At present, many large-scale lighting companies at home and abroad are highly responsible for society and consumers, and advocate 'light health'. Consumers can make screenings when they purchase.

At the same time, consumers should pay attention to color rendering when purchasing LED light source, which means that the light source is realistic to the color of the object. Under a light source with high color rendering, the color of the object will be more realistic. Otherwise, people will see the color difference of the object. Therefore, the color rendering of the LED light source is an important factor that affects whether the light is natural and comfortable. Users are advised to choose products with a color rendering index higher than Ra80 when selecting LED light source products. Such an LED light source also makes the color of the object appear more vivid while ensuring the illumination effect.

Although the emergence of LED lighting products is a revolution for the entire traditional lighting industry, some problems are inevitable in the early stages of development. Faced with the 'mixed war' situation in the LED light source market, we call on relevant state departments to issue unified standards and strengthen supervision as soon as possible. However, despite the current problems in this emerging market, it is still not mature enough. Our consumers cannot refuse to rely on it and vote for it. I believe that with the strong support of the country and the demand for low-carbon and environmental protection, LED will become the mainstream product of future lighting. . At present, there are few brands of LED lighting products on the market. When consumers purchase LED light source products, they first refer to LED leading brands such as Philips, Osram, Sanxiong and Aurora, which is the best choice. . Although the price of a large brand product may be higher, its long-term industry experience and strength will be more assured in terms of product quality and service level. Consumers should not pay too much attention to initial investment when purchasing LED light source products, and should consider comprehensively from the perspective of long-term use.

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