What are the characteristics of hotel decoration How much is the hotel decoration?

For hotels, we all know it. We can often see their presence around us. There are many kinds of hotels on the market in China. Therefore, we must clarify the theme when we build it, and we must add furniture and humanized design to make it more accessible. good development, here we provide a quick example to explain in detail the hotel: What are the characteristics renovated hotel and hotel decoration how much hope can give you some help and inspiration?!

What are the characteristics of hotel decoration :

First, the characteristics of hotel decoration --- theme

First of all, to determine the theme, only the theme can clearly show the characteristics of the hotel in order to reflect the integration of the entire hotel, this hotel has the vitality in order to better development.

Second, what characteristics of hotel decoration - home

Second, as people's living standards improve, people are increasingly demanding about hotels. Not only do they require the environment to be as comfortable as at home, but they also require services that are as cordial as their loved ones. Therefore, in the renovation, we must moderate the personality, use a variety of forms and means to create a comfortable, unique artistic visual effects, so as to attract the attention of customers, let customers linger.

Third, what characteristics of hotel decoration --- humanity

Finally, when designing, we must be human-oriented. Only humanized design can enhance the hotel's strength. In addition, we must also conform to nature and coordinate with the environment. Only in this way can we achieve more coordinated and free development.

How much is the hotel decoration :

First, the elevator aisle

1, metal keel, gypsum board ceiling design: 900 yuan.

2, ceiling orange wall paint finish: 240 yuan.

3, orange wallpaper wall: 666 yuan.

4, marble walls: 1040 yuan.

5, multilayer board, teak finishes baseboard: 158 yuan.

6, carpet: 1156 yuan.

Second, corridor aisle:

1, metal keel, gypsum board modeling ceiling: 1056 yuan.

2, ceiling orange cement paint finish: 286 yuan.

3, orange wallpaper wall: 1008 yuan.

4, multilayer board, teak finishes baseboard: 232.5 yuan.

5, carpet 1275 yuan.

Third, the storage room

1, Zhang wooden doors: 180 yuan.

2. Door: 400 yuan.

3, putty gray wall: 128 yuan.

4, putty gray top: 32 yuan.

Fourth, other costs:

1, material handling fee: 600 yuan.

2, garbage cleaning fee: 500 yuan.

The above quotation comes from the network for reference only, and the specific quotation is based on the local physical store.

Article Summary: What renovated hotel features Express Hotel and knowledge of how much money decoration introduced here, in fact, the problem renovated hotel to consider a lot, a friend in need may wish to learn more about the Internet, so as to be aware of .

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