How does a three-layer engineered wood floor compare with a single solid wood floor?

Solid wood composite floor is divided into three layers of parquet and multi-layer parquet. Home decoration is commonly used in three-story solid wood composite flooring, there are many people believe that solid wood flooring is better than solid wood flooring, today Guan Shan Ya hospital new Chinese furniture tell you how three-tier solid wood composite flooring ? Compared with single solid wood flooring, which is better ?


The three-story solid wood composite floor is made up of three layers of solid wood veneer. The surface is made of high-quality hardwood material, and the wood and wood are used for wood, beech, birch, ash, etc.; Ordinary soft and miscellaneous specifications of the wood version of the composition of the species used pine wood, poplar, etc.; bottom layer for rotary cutting veneer, species of wood with more poplar. Birch. Pine. Three-layer structure laminated with rubber. Multi-layer solid wood composite floor is based on multi-layer plywood as a base material, and hardwood veneer mosaic panels or veneers as panels, laminated.


1. One of the greatest advantages of three-layer engineered wood flooring is its high precision, surface, core, and underlying layers. The technical requirements of the bottom layer are higher than those of other wood floorings. Therefore, the structure is stable and the installation effect is good.

2, suitable for ground heating, three-layer solid wood flooring thermal conductivity of 0.12, moderate thermal conductivity, in the geothermal environment is not hot, giving a comfortable temperature. The three-layer engineered wood flooring has a good function of regulating humidity. When the ambient humidity changes, the wood itself can obtain an equilibrium moisture content, can absorb or release moisture, and directly mitigate the change of indoor space humidity.

3, three-layer solid wood composite floor also has good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation and other properties.


Compared with single solid wood flooring

An important feature of solid wood flooring is that it is manufactured by drying and processing the entire wood veneer. Therefore, there are strict requirements on the length and width of the wood, moisture content, etc., which is like a piece of wood after being placed for a long time. Depending on changes in the dryness and humidity of the environment, problems such as deformation may occur. This is particularly true in geothermal environments. The three-story engineered wood floor has been fully improved on the structure of the floor, crisscross the panel, core and floor, it is like a criss-cross network, the wood is firmly fixed, and offset the stress of the wood itself, The floor is stable for a long time. Therefore, the stability of the three-layer engineered wood flooring is higher than that of the traditional single solid wood floor. It is an intimate partner of the warm environment.

In terms of environmental protection, the brand's three-layer solid wood composite flooring is not lost in a single solid wood place. It is used in Finland, Seoul Seoul, Tyre, the world's leading brand in the professional field of wood bonding, infant children and adults diapers, women's products, tableware All of them are used in Finland, Seoul Seoul, the safety of the FDA to meet the requirements of the United States, environmental protection and more need not worry. From the perspective of social resources, rational use of wood, three-story solid wood composite flooring can ensure the foot feel of solid wood under the premise of improving the utilization of wood, so as to better protect the forest resources and protect the earth's ecological environment. From environmental protection, three-layer solid wood flooring is even better.

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