The common trap of decoration quotation form is really sinister

Making a budget for renovation is a very important part of the entire renovation process, and it is also a contest of “deliberation and escapade”. After detailed communication, the decoration company will give the owner a decoration quotation list , which lists various charges. Seemingly clear price, in fact, hidden mystery. Some decoration companies bullied the owners lack the corresponding expertise, in the decoration offer table in the hands and feet.

Decoration quotes table 1, prices are tricky

Look at the quotation, don't just stare at the single item price of a certain project. To combine the cost of labor, loss, machinery, and other items, if you find that a price is far lower than the market, you have to be more Carefully review the prices of other items, because there is a high possibility of trickery.

The price of red latex paint in the picture is 25 yuan, including putty, the price is significantly lower than the market price. There must be a problem with this 25 yuan, so we must pay attention to the unit price. Pharaoh asked: I am not specializing in decoration. How do I know the unit price? This point we do not have to worry about, you go to the decoration company, each decoration company has its own quota, if you have questions, you can check the relevant decoration offer online, the current information is very transparent, basically not much worse.

Decoration quote table 2 , fuzzy main material requirements

The specific information in the budget that deliberately blurs the main material is covered by a simple one-off price. However, whether or not the material used matches the price.


Take the glass for example, the glass has different thickness, some tempered glass, some laminated glass, are not the same, the decoration company can change the original thickness of the glass 10cm to 6cm, the first-class brand to second-rate brand, but the owner paid Or the original 10cm first-class brand of money, terrible thing is that Pharaoh did not know to be pitted! Pharaoh had to go to reason, the budget was written on the glass this one price, what glass is not specified, Pharaoh can only eat a bad loss.

Decoration offer table 3 , fuzzy notes information

The formal remarks, in addition to indicating the use of materials, as well as writing out the processes and processes, such as tiling, what sand cement, paste thick and so on should be clearly noted.


Above the red marked waterproof construction process, but we all know that the waterproof surface to do three times the wall brush twice, but can be seen from the figure above decoration company only notes the material, not marked for several times, then it will appear, The decoration company said that this is just the price for waterproofing. If you do it three times, it will be 3 times the price. In that case, you will be pitted!

Decoration offer table 4 , intentionally split the project

Contrary to the missing items, there are also some items. Some decoration companies will split the combined items into single items. This will make the quotations appear to be lengthy and confusing. Secondly, you can add a little price to each item. When you calculate the total price, you will get a lot more money.

For example, the above plaster line, plaster line brush is what ghost? There is no relationship between gypsum line and brush. Small projects such as this one were accidentally retired by more than 200.

Decoration quotation table 5 , intentionally omitted items

The quotation is a very important factor for the owner to determine the signing order. Therefore, many decoration companies will “work hard” on the budget quotation and strive to give the owner the “cheap”. However, this is only a moment of cheap, will be back to make up ~ routines are not generally deep ah!


The decoration company’s offer to Lao Wang was 5,000 yuan less than that of other companies. Lao Wang was very happy and did not take a closer look. When he finished the ceiling, he discovered that there was less master bedroom toilet ceiling. The company will say to Pharaoh, I only do the budget inside, you have to do the master bedroom bathroom ceiling will add money, Lao Wang really lost a sesame lost watermelon!

The above is a common trap about the decoration quotation form , and I hope to help you. If you still want to learn more about the decoration quotes , please pay attention to this website decoration information channel.



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