Can chrysanthemums be potted? Culture method of potted chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a common flower medicinal material. Planting chrysanthemum can not only beautify the environment, but also can be used as a medicinal material. Today, Xiaobian introduces a technique of chrysanthemum potting to make it easier to grow chrysanthemums.

1, suitable fertilizer control

Chrysanthemum like fertilization, if the fertilization is not easy to cause long, fertilization is too much, the plant height leaves are thin, so the base fertilizer should be mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. It is not premature to apply top dressing. If the leaves are small and thin and the leaves are yellow, the 0.1% urea solution can be sprayed several times until the leaves turn green. If symptoms such as phosphorus deficiency and potassium deficiency occur, spray 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. After the autumn and before flowering, the fertilizer should be sufficient, and its concentration should be gradually increased, and attention should be paid to the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. It can make the flower color positive and the flowering period long.

2, proper water control

To make chrysanthemum grow short, dense, leafy, and not barefoot, water control is the only effective measure. Potted chrysanthemum should be watered in a timely and appropriate amount. Even in the period of vigorous growth, the amount of water per day should only be maintained to the amount of water required for evaporation at noon during the day, that is, the leaves are sprayed once a day in the morning and evening.

3, change the soil

During the whole growth process of chrysanthemum, it is generally necessary to change the basin 2-3 times. In the seedling stage, it is transplanted in a small pot with a diameter of about 12 cm. In the strong seedling stage, it is replaced with a pot with a diameter of about 15 cm. Before the flower bud is differentiated, it is replaced with a pot with a diameter of about 20 cm. At this time, fertilizer should be applied at the right time. Only in this way, the flowerpots gradually increase and the potting soil gradually increases, which is beneficial to supply the appropriate amount of water and fertilizer required for each growth stage. Avoid raising large seedlings or small pots to raise large seedlings. If you find that the foliage is too strong, you can remove some of the soil or roots.

4, timely picking

Timely picking the heart can promote the side branches, effectively lowering the plant height: the time and number of toppings of the potted plants vary according to the art of different shapes. Generally, 4-7 flowers are left. After the seedlings are planted, 4-5 leaves are topped, and the side branches are long. When 4-5 leaves are out, 2-3 leaves are left for each side branch for the second topping.

5, buds and buds

During the strong seedling stage of chrysanthemum, many axillary buds are sprouted, which need to be pinched off with your fingers in time. Otherwise, a lot of nutrients are consumed, and many small side branches can be emitted, making the plants appear disorganized. During the bud stage, side buds sometimes appear on the twigs under the top buds. In addition to the need to retain, the buds should be removed as early as possible to promote the top bud hypertrophy.

6, raise the feet

As the saying goes, "flowers still need green leaves." Do a proper cutting, during the growth of potted chrysanthemum, rational fertilization, watering, and prevention of pests and diseases. It can prevent the yellow leaves of the leaves from falling off, and ensure the green leaves and enhance the viewing effect.

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