Shunt manifold valve fault principle

I. Introduction In the hydraulic system, when two or more actuators (cylinders or motors) are supplied from the same power source, the same speed movement can be maintained to ensure that the actuators, irrespective of their respective load conditions, That is to ensure that the hydraulic actuator synchronized movement. Diverter valve is a fixed ratio (also adjustable) will be a single oil flow into two tributaries of the control valve. A manifold valve is a control valve that automatically combines two streams into a single oil stream at a fixed ratio. A one-way diverter valve is a combination of a one-way valve and a diverter valve; a one-way diverter valve is a combination of a one-way valve and a manifold valve; and a diverter manifold is a combination of a diverter valve and a manifold valve. Second, the failure mechanism (A) synchronization failure The so-called synchronization failure refers to the implementation of several components do not move at the same time. The main reason is: (1) the diverter valve spool due to poor geometric accuracy or due to burrs and other radial jamming; (2) spool and valve body with a small gap; system pressure is too low; ) Synchronization error generated Synchronization error mainly has the throttle manifold symmetry of the throttle, the throttle before and after the oil flow Therefore, the amount of liquid power and leakage and other reasons. (C) actuator end of the motion abnormalities

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