6 key experts teach you to buy real wood flooring

Solid wood flooring can be simply divided into light and dark materials. The light-colored material has a uniform color and a lively style, which can fully express the warmth of the family.

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1. Select tree species: solid wood flooring can be simply divided into light-colored materials and dark materials. The light-colored material has a uniform color and a lively style, which can fully express the warmth of the family. The color difference of dark materials is large, the annual rings change significantly, and has the characteristics of small expansion coefficient, waterproof, and insect resistance. Among them, there are precious and rare balsamic pigeonpeas, teak wood, L. edulis and C. africana; the ants have good stability. Wood (Iber), eucalyptus hematoxylin, Sapelai, Tali, iron hematoxylin, merguez, double-pillared hematoxylin, etc.; wood texture is clear, such as jade core wood; ari wood with large color difference (Yibei) , sweet and soy beans, etc.; cheap, good market, there are Gan K bean and so on.

Second, choose the color: high-quality solid wood flooring should have natural colors, clear wood grain. If the floor surface is heavily colored and the paint layer is thick, it may be intentionally used to mask the defects on the floor surface. Special attention must be paid when the local board is a six-face sealer. At the same time, due to the different locations of the floor blocks in their mothers, the trees, there are differences in sapwood, heartwood, wood, wood, shade, and sun, and the cutting methods of the plates are chord-cut and radial-cut, respectively. Therefore, chromatic aberration must exist. It is the color difference, the natural texture, and the rich texture structure that highlight the natural style of solid wood flooring. International home decoration now has a wide variety of styles, including large variations in color, varying lengths and types of wood. As our country's consumer environmental awareness increases, it will inevitably tend to this style of decoration.

Third, choose the size: From the stability of wood, the smaller the size of the floor, the stronger the ability to resist deformation. Nowadays, wide plates are popular on the market, and wide plates are more beautiful, generous, and have a diastolic texture and a complete pattern. However, qualified wide plates must undergo stringent wood species selection and quality acceptance.

Fourth, select the moisture content: Due to the geographical location of different cities across the country, the required wood moisture content varies. Ask a professional sales person at the time of purchase to purchase a floor with a water content equal to the local equilibrium water content.

Fifth, choose the processing accuracy: with a few pieces of flooring assembled on the ground, hand touch, seeing the accuracy of its processing quality, finish, whether smooth, smooth, tongue and groove with installation gaps, anti-denaturing tanks and other assembly is tight. A good floor should be precision workmanship, accurate dimensions, flat corners, no height difference.

Sixth, the choice of wood quality: solid wood flooring using natural wood processing, the surface of the live, color and other phenomena are normal. At the same time, this is also the natural difference between solid wood flooring and composite flooring, so it does not have to be too demanding. If the surface has bugs such as wormholes, cracks, rot, blue stains, dead knots, etc., they may be cut according to laying requirements, or may be cut in half, and the defects may be removed.

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