Shearing machine hardware tool types and uses

Shearing machine hardware tool types and uses What are the shears produced by the shears cutter manufacturer?

1. Special shearing machine knives: Use with other equipments to complete special purpose 2. Multipurpose shears:

a, combined punching and shearing machine knife: It can complete the cutting of the plate, and can also cut the profile. It is mostly used in the blanking process b and the plate bending shearing machine: that is, cutting and cutting can be completed on the same machine. Bending two processes.

3, oblique blade shears knife: Shears up and down two blades into one angle, generally the blade is inclined, the tilt angle is generally 1 ° to 6 °. The inclined blade shears have a smaller shearing force than the flat blade shears, so the motor power and the weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced. The actual application is the most. Shearer manufacturers produce more such shears.

4. Flat blade shears: The cutting quality is good, the distortion is small, but the shear force is large and the energy consumption is large. More mechanical transmission. The shears are parallel to each other on the upper and lower blades. They are commonly used in hot-shearing blooms and slabs in rolling mills. They can be divided into upper cuts and lower cuts according to their cutting methods.

Shears cutters are mainly used to trim straight edges of various sizes of sheet metal. It is widely used in various industrial sectors such as airplanes, rolling mills, automobiles, bridges, meters, boilers, appliances, ships, tractors, and pressure vessels.

Polyester Geogrid

Warp Knitted Polyester Geogrid is made of high-tenacity, multifilament polyester yarns and then coated with durable polymer(SBR or PVC) which can provide best resistance of UV and durability. PET Geogrid provides wide strength range of GG-Series with high quality advantages-high tensile modulus and low creep behaviors. PVC Coated Polyester Geogrid successfully offer the stability to earth structures, such as reinforced retaining wall or steep slope, road, bridge or pavement construction.



Base reinforcement      

Subgrade reinforcement     

Slope reinforcement     

Embankment stabilization

Specification: 20x20kn/m-1000x1000kn/m

Polyester Geogrid

Polyester Geogrid

Warp Knitted Polyester Geogrid,PET Geogrid,PVC Coated Polyester Geogrid,Polyester Biaxial Geogrid

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