How about the wood furniture?

The wood furniture is more attractive to people than other furniture. It is because there are many advantages and it is safe to use. However, many consumers who have not touched this kind of furniture will have doubts in their hearts. I would like to know how to choose the wood furniture. Buy? I want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the combination of wood and wood furniture? Let's take a look at it.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood-panel furniture?

First, the advantages of panel furniture

1. The process saves wood, reduces the cost, the price is cheaper than the solid wood, suitable for the mass consumer group; the color and texture of the panel furniture mainly depends on the effect of the veneer, so there are many changes in this aspect, which can give people different kinds of Feeling; the panel furniture has many changes in the shape design, and the selection range is large;

2. Panel furniture is less prone to deformation and breakage. The high-quality panel furniture is made of high-quality particleboard (also known as MDF). The high-quality particleboard removes defects such as shackles and tree cores from wood without worms, rot, and discoloration. Drying, pulverizing into two kinds of raw materials: granular and fibrous. The two raw materials are layered and mixed in proportion, and a small amount of glue is added, and then 400 tons of pressure is pressed by mechanical equipment. Therefore, the finished product has high density, compact structure and physical properties. stable. Therefore, the panel furniture is not easily deformed, and its bending resistance is no less than even higher than that of pure wood.

Second, the shortcomings of panel furniture

The panel furniture is “non-natural”. Some panel furniture adopts a strip of veneer, so there will be a sense of repetitiveness on the pattern, which lacks natural variability; the quality is much worse than that of solid wood furniture, and the service life is shorter; When using artificial plates, additives and adhesives are often used. If the edges are not treated properly, there will be hidden dangers and harm to human health.

How to buy wood furniture?

When buying wood and wood furniture, when you choose to combine wood and wood furniture, you first need to understand the workmanship and quality of the wood and wood combined with the furniture. Some of the plates are made of high-temperature extruded rubber and wood chips, which contain more formaldehyde. Such plates are relatively cheaper to combine with furniture. The formaldehyde-free high-density board may be higher than the price of solid wood furniture, but the appearance is elegant, safe and environmentally friendly. When buying furniture combined with furniture, if you buy furniture with relatively high formaldehyde, it is best to let him put it on for a while before using it. In addition, you can put activated carbon inside the furniture, which can reduce the amount of formaldehyde.

The above is a detailed interpretation of the wood furniture, the purchase of this furniture is constantly improving, and is highly sought after by consumers. Through the above introduction, I hope to help you.

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