Flowserve recently developed its first electronic cooling pump

Flowserve recently introduced the company's first electronic cooling pump. Allegedly, this is the smallest pump ever manufactured by Flowserve. Its size is estimated to be about 90mm (3.54in) and 36mm (1.42in) in diameter. The pump is designed to be suspended in a centrifugal, non-metallic, airtight, and magnetically powered. This Guardian3000 electronic cooling pump is specifically designed to cool the graphics integrated circuitry in computer processors and high-end PCs. According to Flowserve, the Guardian 3000 uses patented engine technology and an innovative design to meet trace-wave requirements. In this way, can be more suitable for microcomputers and other electronic components needs. The power required for the Guardian 3000 is provided by a complete brushless 12-volt DC generator. And this design has 5 years without repair life.