The correct choice of pump models and specifications

After determining the design flow and design lift of the pump station, you can use the relevant technical charts to determine the pump model and specifications, the method is as follows: First, the use of pump performance specifications Pumping pump plant in the catalog are provided this Kind of form, the performance of each model in the table has three lines of data, what kind of behavior? The general design flow and design head should be consistent with the values ​​listed in the middle of the performance table or close to each other and must fall within the upper and lower two lines as this range is a high efficiency area for pump operation, This type of pump is considered to meet the actual needs of the pump is selected. Second, the use of pump selection table Pump selection Based on the design of the lift and design flow to determine the selection table, the horizontal header to find the head of the design consistent with or close to the lift value; and then identify the vertical header Design flow rate consistent with or close to the value of traffic, vertical and horizontal intersection in small box, which marked the pump model, the initial selection of pump. But sometimes there are two types of pumps to meet the design requirements, this time, the two pumps can be compared for the program, the technical and economic analysis, and then select one of the appropriate pump. This choice of pump method is relatively simple and fast. Third, the use of pump performance integrated spectrum pump selection Centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow pump all the work area integrated drawing on the same map, which constitutes a comprehensive series of agricultural water pump spectrum, the drawing comparison Complex, but more convenient to use. According to the determined design flow and the design lift, on the type spectrum, first on the ordinate with the design lift to find out the head requirements, and the flow of several pumps, and then on the abscissa to design flow to determine the selection Which kind of water pump. If the design flow is large, the single pump failed to meet the requirements, consider multi-machine operation, but should pay attention to try to use the same type of pump to facilitate the construction and installation, management and maintenance.