Star developed a new small fuel cell pump

The appearance of the "SDMP320" The internal structure of the "SDMP320" Star Precision The mini-pump "SDMP320" with a maximum flow rate of 20 mL / min has now been manufactured. This is a diaphragm pump using a piezoelectric element that consumes less power because it does not use a motor and shaft. Mainly for small fuel cell fuel supply and a variety of analytical equipment such as liquid delivery purposes. The company hopes to put the pump into production in the future. SDMP320 maximum flow is the company in November 2005 released "SDMP305" 4 times. This is expected to be used as a fuel pump for delivering diluted methanol fuel to small fuel cells. However, the external dimensions of the pump are 33 × 33 × 5.5mm, larger than 305 (25 × 25 × 4.8mm). According to the volume comparison, 320 is about 305 times 2 times. The diaphragm material uses COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolym) resin, the valve material uses EPDM rubber material the same as 305. Other specifications in the table below. Maximum pump pressure 40kPa Drive voltage 60 ~ 250Vp-p Drive frequency 10 ~ 60Hz Operating temperature +5 ~ +50 ℃ Input and output tube diameter 2.8mm, inner diameter 1.6mm, length 5.0mm Weight about 9g (excluding the power cord)