A New Breakthrough in Electric Controlled Priority Flotation for Copper-Lead-Zinc Polymetallic Sulphide Mines

Recently, the results of the "New Research on the New Priority of Electro-Controlled Flotation of Cu-Pb-Zn Polymetallic Sulphide Mines" project jointly completed by Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and the Sichuan Nonferrous Metallurgical Research Institute and Sichuan Huili Zinc Mine Co., Ltd. were awarded 2008 China Nonferrous Metals. Industrial Science and Technology Second Prize. The project was chaired by Prof. Luo Xianping, a master's student supervisor of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology.
The project aims at the characteristics of easy-to-float and inconsistent grain size distribution of silver-containing copper-lead-zinc polymetallic sulphide ore in a certain place. The preferential flotation process is adopted to eliminate the effects of secondary copper ions by sodium sulfide and combinant flotation. The copper, lead, zinc, copper and lead crude concentrates regrind significantly improved the separation effect of copper, lead and zinc, and better separation indicators were obtained. The copper concentrate contains 23.44% copper, the recovery rate is 88.83%, and the lead concentrate contains 54.43% lead. The recovery rate was 84.28%. Zinc concentrate contained 55.72% zinc and the recovery rate was 83.72%. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association appraisal opinion that "the set of process technology has reached the international advanced level, part of the technology has reached the international advanced level."
It is reported that the scientific research results have been widely used in large and medium-sized non-ferrous enterprises in Sichuan and other places.