What is the difference between a colorimeter and a colorimeter?

What is the difference between a colorimeter and a colorimeter?
Colorimeter and colorimeter are often confused, but the two are different from the two measuring instruments. The following two principles are used to analyze the difference:
First introduce the principle of the colorimeter:
When monochromatic light passes through a solution of the same thickness and a small concentration, according to Lambert-Beer's law, the extent to which light is absorbed by the solution is called absorbance, which is proportional to the concentration of the solution and proportional to the thickness of the solution, ie A = εCL, where A is the absorbance, C is the concentration of the solution, L is the thickness of the solution, and ε is the extinction coefficient.
According to Lambert-Beer's law, when a bundle of monochromatic light passes through a solution, the intensity of the light is attenuated because the solution absorbs a portion of the light energy. If the concentration (or thickness) of the solution is constant, the larger the thickness (concentration) of the solution, the more the intensity of the light leveler is weakened. The commonly used colorimetric methods are two: visual colorimetry and photoelectric ratio. The color method, the former is observed with the eye and the latter with the photoelectric colorimeter, both methods are based on the Lambert DIN cup-Beer law (see UV-visible spectrophotometry).
What about the principle of the color meter?
Since the colorimeter is widely used in the plastics and printing industries, the colorimeter mainly displays the color difference ΔE and △Lab of the roughness of the sample and the sample to be tested according to the Lab, Lch principle of the CIE color space.
Correlation analysis method â–³E total color difference size â–³L+ indicates whitening, â–³L- indicates black â–³a+ indicates reddish, â–³a- indicates greenish â–³b+ indicates yellowishness, â–³b- indicates blued Luoweipeng colorimeter often It is incorrectly called a colorimeter. Although these two test instruments do have a lot in common, that is, in terms of basic functions. But in fact, the two have different working principles. The Lovibond colorimeter is used to perform colorimetric analysis to determine the amount of known material from the color, the reagent yield in a particular anti-dispersion machine.

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