Weapons must be dry without any mention of home dampproof

Really speaking, the humid air is the most uncomfortable, and whenever I do this, I would rather spend my days in the summer sun. The clothes from the closet always feel dry, and it's not a mistake. Behind the supermarket to buy a box of absorbent boxes, after a period of time to see a full box of water. Today I have to talk about moisture protection. I must cure this person.

One, to deal with the damp you have to choose under the material moisture material to choose

1, floor mat

Spread the moisture-proof floor mat on the floor keel, which can block the condensation of moisture on the ground, so that the water vapor is distributed into the air through the edge seam around the corners. Moisture-proof floor mats are inexpensive and inexpensive, and you can gain great convenience with a small amount of expenditure.

2, waterproof gypsum board

Since it is called waterproof gypsum board, it is certainly more waterproof than ordinary gypsum board, and this is because waterproof gypsum board contains silicone oil component. Kitchen and ceiling ceilings are difficult to construct if aluminum panels are used. Waterproof plasterboard ceilings must be used, and ordinary plasterboards are easily deformed due to moisture.

3, moisture-proof plate

What is a moisture-proof plate? In fact, a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles are added in the production process of the substrate, so that when the sheet encounters water, the degree of swelling can be reduced a lot. Moisture-proof sheets are often used in wardrobes, shoe cabinets and other furniture.

4, professional sealant

Tiles need to be caulked. Previously, they had been glued directly with white cement. It was easy to mold and darken for a long time, which not only affected beauty but also brought health hazards. Time passes, Auntie is no longer that aunt, and filling is no longer a simple use of white cement. The emergence of specialized sealants has solved the drawbacks of the past. Moreover, there are different kinds of color caulking agents available.

5, desiccant

Go out to the direction of the supermarket, go in and find the desiccant, and then go to the cash register to pay in line, so that a small moisture-proof expert will get it. It is a small expert because it can only be used as an auxiliary means for household moisture protection. After all, it is not possible to have a headache or a serious problem.

Second, the construction process will not rely on them

1. The cabinet door puts moisture outside the door

The kitchen is a place where moisture is relatively large. Wooden materials such as cabinets are required to have good moisture resistance. In the past, the cabinets were hand-made by the workers. When the edges were sealed, the edges were glued around the edges. The cabinets thus made were particularly vulnerable to moisture. Now the door panels of the cabinet are sealed with a special edge banding machine, which can largely block the moisture outside the door.

2, leaving a gap between the floor and the corner

The principle of thermal expansion and contraction can be seen everywhere in life, and the thermal expansion and contraction should be considered when paving the wooden floor. The floor should not be laid so tightly that there is a gap of about 10 cm between the floor and the wall so that the wooden floor can undergo thermal expansion and contraction so that the moisture in the floor can be more easily distributed.

3, the sun and rain on the balcony do not forget to do waterproof

Many people only thought of the kitchen and the bathroom, but leaked the balcony's waterproof. Especially during the summer months, wind and rain thundered, lightning thundered, and a rain came down. There was a lot of rain in the balcony. In order to completely solve the wet troubles, the balcony is also best to do a little waterproof.

Floor moisture-proof mat moisture-proof mat moisture-proof gypsum board moisture-proof mattress home lamp

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