Kitchen shelf what brand of good kitchen racks to buy Raiders

The kitchen racks bring great help to people in life. With its existence, it can also save a lot of space for our kitchen. It can be seen that the kitchen racks are a multi-purpose item, so what brand of kitchen racks is better? Next small series for everyone to introduce what brand of kitchen shelves and kitchen racks to buy Raiders.

What brand of kitchen shelf is good

1, Zhuo Meiou

The Zhuo Meiou brand is one of the most familiar kitchen and bathroom brands in the world. The product is targeted at high-end consumption. It specializes in the research and development of kitchen furniture. The use of Zhuo Meiou brand kitchen racks does not have to worry about quality issues, because Zhuo Meiou Higher than the national standards to ensure product quality, attaches great importance to the R & D and design of science and technology kitchen and kitchen, and is committed to making science and technology to create a healthy kitchen and bathroom becomes a reality.

2. Bao Youni

Bao You Ni is a kitchen rack brand under the company of Zhengzhou Leju Trading Co., Ltd. The company was formally established in 2008. With its unique geographical location and a foothold in improving the living standards of consumers, it will lead the trend of home life in the Central Plains. The concept, DIY kitchen shelves what brand is good, Bao Youni brings DIY fun enjoyment for customers, so it is loved by many consumers, the above picture of this modern minimalist style, multi-functional + scalable kitchen rack is It is from brand Yuki Yoshini.

3, Yake

Shenzhen Yakeji Set Trading Co., Ltd. originated in 1991, and Yakeji set up a kitchen rack brand which was formally established in 2013. In this year's multi-year establishment, the production of three articles, with its The appearance of fashion, and the practicality of the product, has been loved by many people.

Kitchen racks to buy Raiders

1, rack material

For the material of the rack, carbon steel is cheaper than stainless steel, but it is prone to rust during use; while stainless steel has better corrosion resistance and longer service life.

2, mesh

For the mesh above the kitchen racks, the loading capacity is its most important performance. Generally high-quality mesh can see the precise welding process, and the mesh is denser. This type of mesh has larger bearing capacity, so it can Bring more items.

3, non-slip mat

Because the environment of the kitchen is rather special, it is better to use non-slip mats for the optional racks so that the height can be adjusted according to the ground, and even if it is used on uneven ground, it can be stable.

4, convergence

The height of the mesh can be adjusted through the convergence of the racks, and it can also be moved at any time. However, because ordinary racks adopt a fixed structure design, they cannot adjust the distance between the meshes at will.

Kitchen shelf installation precautions

1. Convenient applicability: When installing the rack, it is necessary to install the entire layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily life to install it. Commonly used, the location where the cooking is readily used must be the place where we cook the dishes. In other words, water is the place where we reach out and we can reach. Unusually, we can install or place in the vacant part of the kitchen.

2, to save space: because the kitchen is a relatively small place in our family, so the rack must be installed to save space, reasonable use of our kitchen space on the location, for example, in the kitchen wall, the back of the kitchen door Waiting for these places.

3. The classification is clear: When we set up the racks, we must put the kitchen utensils in a good position and install them in a reasonable position according to their different categories. The drain rack can be installed next to the sink, the cutter rack can be mounted on the corner of the cooktop, and the spice rack is located close to where we cook.

Editor's summary: What brand of kitchen racks are good and the kitchen rack shopping guide is introduced here, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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