Renovate the full range of considerations to decorate the first door or first install the floor

Renovation of the first door or the first floor from the finished product protection point of view, the first door, finished product protection is relatively easy, whether it is dripping styrofoam, glass plastic pollution, the installation of the door with power tools, packaging waste, sawdust, drilling Hole nail chisel impact. Direct operation on the concrete floor will not hurt the floor. The following small series for everyone to introduce the decoration of the first door or the first floor of the relevant knowledge.

First, what issues need to be considered when installing the door first?

1, easy to soil the floor

The swarf that needs to be hit when the door is cut, and the styrofoam that is used to install the mouth. If you first install the floor, it will surely contaminate the floor.

2, easy to damage the floor

Many of the tools used to cut doors are metal tools, and they require a lot of space to work. If they are not careful, they will damage the floor.

3, baseboard can not close

If you do not install the door and install the floor first, the baseboard near the door will not close.

Defects in the first door installation:

The gap between the lower edge of the door and the floor is difficult to control (as shown below). In order to open/close the door, you have to reserve a larger gap, but this is not the best in terms of visual or practical perspective (poor sound insulation) select.

Ways to avoid situations:

1, the door to ensure vertical when installed,

2. The reserved dimensions between the lower edge of the door leaf and the floor (floor installation base layer) meet the following requirements: floor thickness + floor mat thickness + reserved gap 5-8mm, reserved net size of the gap (excluding the space occupied by the floor buckle thickness) The minimum is not less than 5mm, this is the national standard.

3, door cover installation clearance reserved floor installation should seek the views of the owners, with a cork wedge to reserve the floor plus mat thickness, to maintain the installation of the door to press the floor of the relationship.

Second, first install the floor and then install the door, because of the following reasons:

1, after the first floor installed door can accurately ensure the size of the gap between the door and the floor. If you install the door first and then install the floor there will be a problem, that is, the gap between the door and the floor stays small and small, although for skilled installation workers can first reserve the size by telling the floor thickness in advance, but any project There are errors in the variables (ground errors cause floor errors, door joint errors), large door gaps can be ugly and sound insulation is also poor, door gaps are small, there is a possibility that the door will rub against the floor, and two may be because of future wood The floor bulges warp or the doors sink slightly to rub against each Other.

2, after the first floor installed door to avoid the first door after installing the floor often appear between the floor and the door frame of a variety of special angle and size of the installation difficulties, but also to avoid the first door after loading the floor when the floor and the door frame between the difficulties Combine.

3, after the first floor installed to ensure that the door frame pressed on the floor, so that the gap between the door frame and the floor marked with glass glue will form a resilient contact, to ensure that the water will not penetrate from the fracture of the door frame to make the door deformed.

First install the floor and then install the door solution as follows:

1. Use a carton board and other materials to protect the floor covering next to the door before installation.

2. Workers can be required to cut materials into the corridors or balconies where they are well-cleaned to avoid large dust.

3. The skirting board can be installed without first installing the door and then loading it; or leaving a length of the baseboard of the door closer to the door frame for a certain length. Do not nail it to death. The situation saw the skirting board and installed it.

The above is about the decoration of the first decoration door or the first floor of the relevant introduction, if you want to learn more relevant information, please pay attention to this site, will provide you with more complete, more detailed, updated information information.  

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