Selection of plastic tray materials and structures

Today, plastic pallets are used more and more widely, but many buyers do not know how to choose when choosing a product. When choosing a plastic tray, what are the selection criteria for the material and structure of the food plastic tray? The following Jiuzhi Plastics Network introduces you to the choice of plastic pallet material and structure:
1. Pallet material: Select different materials according to the environment.
(1) Temperature conditions: Different operating temperatures directly affect the choice of materials for pallet manufacturing. This is because trays of different materials have a temperature range in which their performance is normal. For example, the food plastic tray is used at a temperature between +40 and -2.
(2) Moisture: Because some materials have strong hygroscopicity, such as wooden pallets, they cannot be used in humid environments, otherwise they will directly affect the service life.
(3) Environmental cleanliness: an environment with a high degree of pollution
Be sure to choose a tray that is resistant to contamination and easy to clean. Such as food plastic trays, composite plastic wood trays, etc.
2. Pallet structure: The pallets have different structural modes, which are selected according to the fork fork's fork characteristics, load bearing requirements and other application conditions. The structure of the tray directly affects the efficiency of the use of the pallet, and the suitable structure can fully utilize the characteristics of the forklift for efficient operation. The tray is used as a floorboard, that is, the pallet does not move after loading the goods, but only plays a role of moisture-proof and waterproof. The tray with simple structure and low cost can be selected, such as simple, but the static load of the tray should be noted. For pallets used for transportation, handling, loading and unloading, it is necessary to select trays with high strength and large dynamic loads. Because of the repeated use of this type of pallet and the use of the forklift, the strength of the pallet is required to be high. Therefore, the structure of the pallet is required to be "Tian" or "Chuan".
The above is a standard introduction to the selection of the material and structure of the pallet. It is decided whether to choose a single-sided or double-sided pallet according to whether the pallet is to be stacked after loading the cargo. Single-sided pallets are not suitable for stacking because they only have one bearing surface. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the lower-level goods. Therefore, if you need to stack the goods after reloading the goods, you must choose double-sided pallets. If the pallet is used on a shelf in a stereoscopic library, consider whether the pallet structure fits the code on the shelf. Since the goods can usually be inserted from the shelves in only two directions, the trays used for the shelves should be made of food plastic trays with four sides of the fork as much as possible, so that the forklift forks the goods and improves the work efficiency. Select the structure of the field line.

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