Gear pump troubleshooting

The gear pump is an important part of the high-pressure oil that can lift the low-pressure oil in the fuel tank through the mutual rolling engagement of a pair of involute gears with the same parameters and structure. It is a power unit that converts the mechanical energy of the engine into hydraulic energy. The Dongfanghong-75 tractor and the Dongfanghong-60 and 70T bulldozers use the CB46 gear pump. Dongfanghong-802/802K tractor and Dongfanghong-802KT bulldozer adopt CBN-E450 or CBTI-E550 gear pump, which has large flow and good reliability. The following faults are prone to occur during its use.

1. Wear of internal parts of gear oil pump

Wear of internal parts of the pump can cause internal leakage. The leakage area between the floating bushing and the gear end face is large, which is the main part of the internal leakage. This part of the leakage accounted for about 50% to 70% of the total internal leakage. The gear pump with worn inner leakage has a reduced volumetric efficiency, and the output power of the oil pump is much lower than the input power. All of its losses are converted into heat, which can cause the pump to overheat. If the joint plane is pressed, the floating bushing will have a small amount of motion during work, resulting in wear and tear. As a result, the implement will be lifted slowly or cannot be lifted. Such a floating bushing must be replaced or repaired.

2. Wear of gear oil pump housing

Mainly the wear of the floating bushing hole (the normal clearance of the gear shaft and the bushing is 0.09~0.175mm, the maximum must not exceed 0.20mm). The gear works by the pressure oil, the gear tip is close to the oil pump casing, and the low pressure cavity portion of the pump body is worn. Another type of wear is the circumferential wear of the working face in the casing. This wear is mainly caused by the addition of oil, so it is necessary to add oil without impurities.

3, oil seal wear, rubber seal aging

The rubber oil seal of the unloading piece deteriorates and loses its elasticity. It loses the sealing isolation effect on the high pressure oil chamber and the low pressure oil chamber, and the oil pressure of the high pressure oil chamber is generated to the low pressure oil chamber, which is called “end leak”, which reduces the oil pump. Work pressure and flow. The normal working pressure of the CB46 gear pump is 100-110kg/cm2, the normal oil delivery is 46L/min, and the standard unloading rubber seal is 57×43. The self-tightening oil seal is a PG25×42×10 skeleton type oil seal. If it is damaged or aged, the air is sucked into the oil pump from the gap between the oil seal and the spindle journal or from the joint of the oil inlet port and the oil pump casing. The oil return pipe enters the oil tank, and a large amount of air bubbles are generated in the oil tank. It will cause the oil in the fuel tank to decrease, and the oil in the bottom tank of the engine will increase, which will make the agricultural implements rise slowly or not. The oil seal must be replaced to eliminate this fault.

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