Ball mill common fault solution

1. When the ball mill is running, there is a very frequent hitting sound and the sound is also very large. It should be that some of the lining bolts are not tightly screwed. The solution is that you can judge the ball lining by the sound of the machine. The lower part of the board, then find the loose bolts and tighten them.

2. When the temperature of the ball mill and its motor bearing rises above the specified standard, you can test whether the bearing is partially or completely overheated by hand. Then you can check the condition of the ball mill from the following aspects:

(1) Check the lubrication points of each part of the ball mill, and the lubricating oil grade used is consistent with the factory specifications of the equipment;

(2) Check if the ball mill lubricant and grease are deteriorated;

(3) Check if the lubrication line of the ball mill is clogged, or the lubricating oil does not directly enter the lubrication point, and the oil quantity is insufficient to cause heat;

(4) The side clearance of the ball mill bush is too small, the gap between the bush and the shaft is too large, and the contact points are too much to form a uniform oil film on the bearing bush;

(5) The ball mill rolling bearing has too much or too little grease, and excessively formed rolling elements agitate the grease to generate heat, and the heat is not easily dissipated. Too little lubrication, the amount of oil should be increased according to the regulations, generally 1/3 to 1/2 of the bearing clearance is more appropriate;

(6) The sealing device of the hollow shaft at both ends of the ball mill body is too tight or the sealing body iron member is directly in contact with the shaft. The above problems are dealt with according to the reasons. Only the side clearance of the bearing bush is too small, or the bottom contact angle is too high. The grinding cylinder must be jacked up with the hydraulic jack, and the bearing bush should be pulled out from the side of the shaft. Wahkou.

3, ball mill reducer bearing heat: You can check according to the method of checking the ball mill bearing too high, you can also check whether the vent hole of the reducer is blocked, and often clear the vent.

4. After the ball mill motor with the reducer is started, the main reasons for the sudden vibration are as follows:

(1) The two-wheel clearance of the ball mill coupling is too small to compensate for the amount of turbulence caused by the self-seeking magnetic center when the motor is started;

(2) The correcting method of the ball mill coupling is incorrect, causing the two axes to be different;

(3) The coupling bolts of the ball mill coupling have no symmetrical tightening, and the fastening force is different;
(4) Ball mill bearing outer ring activities.

Treatment method: adjust the wheel gap according to the specified, so that the two axes are concentric. Tighten the coupling bolts of the coupling symmetrically with the same torque. When the rotor is unbalanced, the ball mill rotor is taken out to find a static balance.

5. When the ball mill reducer drives the mill, huge vibration occurs:

(1) The balance shaft of the ball mill and the reducer, the axis is not in the straight line, the reason is: when the mill is installed with the lining, there is no secondary grouting, or the anchor bolt after the secondary grouting is not fastened. The hoisting machine rotates the grinding cylinder body, so that one end of the grinding cylinder body is displaced, and the two axial centers are not in a straight line, so that the speed reducer drives the grinding machine to generate vibration. Treatment method: To re-adjust, make the axis of the ball mill mill and the axis of the reducer on the same plane axis.

(2) The large ball mill is bulky and heavy, causing the foundation to sink; displacement occurs. Monitoring settlement points are set up next to the foundation; observations are made and adjustments are made when there is sinking.

6. The sound of the ball mill reducer is abnormal: the sound of the normal operation of the ball mill reducer should be even and stable. If the gear has a slight knocking sound, the hoarse friction sound, there is no obvious change during the operation, you can continue to observe, find out the reason, the ball mill stops processing, if the sound is getting louder, you should immediately stop the ball mill for inspection.

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