Winter wall paint

New house decoration is very important for every newly relocated family. Every consumer will think about what kind of floor should be laid, what kind of wallpaper is better for the wall, and how to decorate the bedroom. And now many people will ask whether it is good to paint the wall in winter, whether it will be bad for the decoration. Next, let the editor tell you about the advantages of winter wall painting and some precautions.

Paint the walls

The paint drying speed is fast: due to the cold climate at the end of the year, the baking of the indoor heating makes the air dry, and the paint dries quickly, thereby effectively reducing the adsorption of dust particles in the air, and the best paint effect is brushed at this time.

The temperature is suitable for the board: the winter is right at the end of the year, and the humidity and temperature are suitable for the board used extensively in the decoration. Such as sandwich panels, various types of plywood, etc., and gypsum products such as gypsum board, gypsum line, etc.

Paint the walls

Temperature check: During the construction process of repainting, pay attention to the temperature control. Too low a temperature will cause some problems. In general, the temperature is divided into three points, "0, 5, 8" three nodes, putty must be Completely dry before proceeding to the next procedure. The best time for ventilation is between 10 am and 4 pm. In winter, the temperature of the paint indoor room, the temperature of the varnish construction room must not be less than 8 degrees, and in general, the ambient temperature of the paint construction must not be less than 5 degrees. Normally, the temperature of the mixed color coating should be above 0 degrees. And the temperature during normal construction can not be lower than 8 degrees. It should be noted that if the indoor temperature does not meet the requirements, you need to take some measures, such as turning on the electric fan, oven, or heating. The temperature must be guaranteed, otherwise, the paint effect of the brush will be very bad, and even some problems will occur.

Material inspection: Due to price constraints, there are hardly any dried wood materials on the market, but the surface is generally dry. Winter is the driest season of the year, the dryness of wood is also higher, the moisture content in wood is the lowest, and it is not easy to crack and deform. In winter decoration, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can just test the quality of wood and construction. It only takes one or two months (so the construction period in winter should not be too short), and potential quality problems (such as cracking and deformation) will be reflected in time. come out.

Paint the walls

The above is the relevant content of the winter brush painting introduced to you by the editor and some precautions. Many consumers think that it is more troublesome to carry out house decoration in winter, especially when decorating the walls, they will worry that the paint will not dry easily. However, I hope that after the introduction of the editor, everyone can eliminate the idea that painting in winter is not good, and better decorate their own home.

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