Pro name special booster pump (with photos)

Compressed air driven booster pumps are available in Proman pumps and we now offer dual diaphragm pumps, named after Duodos, for metering liquid media. This pump is very robust, durable, and the operation is very simple to use, that is, open the pump, adjust the operating pressure and other simple operations. The function of this double-diaphragm pump is easy to understand: use compressed air to drive the hydraulic pump diaphragm. This creates an aspiration at the opposite end of the fluid end, and once the pump diaphragm reaches its limit position, the spool transfers the compressed air to a previously unpressurized end where the fluid is delivered and the fluid end begins to repeat aspiration process. The equal pressure between the output medium and the compressed air allows the diaphragm to operate continuously. Duodos pumps easily transport viscous and other media. There are two types of combined media pump head: PP material pump; PVDF material pump, diaphragm is PTFE, PP material pump can measure the temperature between +4 and +65 ℃ medium, and PVDF pump can then measure the temperature For media between -13 ° C and + 93 ° C, his flow covers the flow range of 4 pumps with flow rates up to 900l / h and 10200l / h at operating pressures of 7 bar. These pumps can be applied to media with viscosities greater than 2100Pas, but the greater the viscosity, the lower the metering flowrate. The safety valve is largely unnecessary if the back pressure is automatically stopped in the Duodos double diaphragm, and the pump automatically restarts when the pressure is reduced. These pumps can not be idled and self-activated. No air compressor system to ensure that the pump is driven without any problems, and to ensure that the pump without the need for maintenance.