Jiujiang Petrochemical catalytic pump fully cast oil mist lubrication new technology

As of early August, Jiujiang Petrochemical II catalytic device 43 sets of pumps have been completed oil mist lubrication technological transformation, put into use, to improve the lubrication effect, saving the amount of oil, the pump bearing temperature decreased by 5 to 10 ℃, reducing the equipment failure rate. At this point, the plant two sets of nearly 120 sets of catalytic converter pump oil mist lubrication, energy saving and long-term equipment to create the conditions for the operation. In the past the factory pump bearing lubrication using "oil-immersed" artificial lubrication, must be changed once a week lubricants. The new technology of oil mist lubrication has changed the traditional form of pump lubrication. Through a special system, liquid lubricant is fully atomized in the oil mist generator and then sent to each lubrication point to lubricate the pump bearings. The technology can maintain a continuous clean lubrication supply, so that the pump to achieve the best lubrication effect, reduce motor load, reduce oil consumption 20% -30%, and easy to operate, do not need regular replacement of lubricants, post labor further Reduce.