Sofa cushion cushions to buy what are the sofa cushion cushion which material is more expensive

Nowadays, in order to make the hall look more beautiful and practical, a beautiful sofa is usually placed. In order to protect the sofa, a suitable sofa cushion is indispensable. It not only can prolong the use time of the sofa. At the same time, it is also easier to clean, and if the use of bamboo sofa cushions in the summer, but also give people a cool feeling, so that the whole person's instant spirit is all right, then sofa cushion cushions to buy what technology? Now let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

How to choose sofa cushion cushion

1, fabric sofa cushion

This type of material is generally cloth, and has high abrasion resistance, soft texture, and good value for money. It is the first choice for many young families, but it is not very easy to clean and easy to suck dust.

2, leather sofa cushion

This style is usually placed in the hotel or some beauty shops, creating a noble, high-grade feeling, of course, can be used in the family, but be careful not to let sharp objects close, otherwise it is easy to scratch.

3, bamboo sofa cushion

Most of these textures are used in the summer and are easy to absorb sweat, and they feel cool. They give people a comfortable enjoyment. However, they should not be used in the winter and there will be a feeling of cold and cold.

How to choose sofa cushion cushion correctly

1, before the purchase, we must measure the sofa at home, for example, the length and width, in addition, in order to obtain more accurate data, it is best to use a soft ruler to operate.

2, in the determination of the width, it is best to reserve a 20cm hem, so that the shop is not only beautiful, but also allows the edge is not damaged, for example, if the width of the sofa is 50cm, then the width of the cushion should be used 70cm is better, If it is 55-75cm sofa, then use 90cm sofa cushion.

3, in determining the length, preferring to be larger and not narrow, because if it is long, we can hold it and look more secure, for example, when the sofa length is 170cm, the seat cushion should use 180cm is better.

4, because this type of product is a consumable product, after a period of time, most of them will appear some damage, so in the selection, we must choose a big brand, so that the quality is more guaranteed, and the cushion material is also very important, preferably according to the sofa The material of the cushion is determined.

Sofa cushion cushion which material is more expensive

From the price point of view, leather is relatively expensive, because the same unit of raw materials, leather is much more expensive than the fabric, and bamboo material cushion and fabric sofa cushion price is not much difference.

Xiao Bian summary: Above is the sofa cushion cushion to buy what are the contents of the commentary, I believe that my friends for the sofa cushion cushion to buy skills which already have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas Please feel free to contact Xiao Bian.

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