Determination of cavitation boundary value

Liquid ring vacuum pump products on the market, if classified according to the scope of work design value, is generally divided into 1013 160mbar (a) and l013 ~ 33mbar (a) two categories. You may also be interested in Magnetic Pump, High Temperature Magnetic Pump, Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump, Pipeline Pump, Vertical Pipeline Pump, Horizontal Pipeline Pump, Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump, Electric Diaphragm Pump, etc. Welcome! Shanghai Xie Jin Pump Co., Ltd. designed to work in the range of 1013 ~ 160mbar (a) of the products are generally used in vacuum less demanding occasions, if the working fluid to do at room temperature, the limit of its operating point and the corresponding temperature of saturated steam Pressure value is larger, generally not easy to produce cavitation. However, the minimum working pressure is best not less than 160mbar (a). Design work in the range of l013 ~ 33mbar (a) of the product, when the working fluid corresponding to the saturated vapor pressure and vacuum pumps and pumps close to the actual operating point, there will be different degrees of cavitation. For example, when the working water temperature is 35 ℃, the corresponding saturated steam pressure is 56.223mbar (a). Although the designed working range of the liquid ring vacuum pump is 1013 ~ 33mbar (a), the vacuum pump can not actually reach 33mbar (a ), Even at 56.223 mbar (a), the inner surface of the suction ring is already boiling. Liquid ring vacuum pump usually water as the working fluid, the international are 15 ℃ water temperature, 20 ℃ temperature as a standard condition, under this condition, the performance of the pump as a standard test performance. When the water temperature does not meet the standards, the vacuum pump suction performance will be affected, Figure 2-93 is the vacuum pump suction performance under different water temperature correction curve, according to the vacuum pump test run and the occurrence of cavitation statistics, the general corresponding to different water temperature saturation Vapor pressure Township + △ as the critical point of cavitation, these points into the curve known as the cavitation boundary line. Design limit value of 33mbar (a) of the vacuum pump, the water temperature at 10 ~ 45 ℃ changes, combined with test data, △ value to take 24 ~ lOmbar. If you use other liquids as the working fluid, you can refer to the above method to determine the critical point of cavitation.

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