What is lead based one pack PVC stabilizer

Lead based one pack PVC Stabilizer in fact mainly including two parts, one is heat stbility system and lubricants system

Heat stability system mainly faction by Tribasic lead sulfate(TBLS),Dibasic lead phosphite(DLP), lead stearate(LS), of couase also can use dibasic lead stearate(DBLS)

Lubricants system, mainly faction by internalubricants such as calcium stearte,GMS, ESBO, and External Lubricant such as pe wax, paraffin wax,F.T wax

Good quality lead based one pack PVC stbilizer must think abaot this two system.Othervise can not work well. Only notice any one parts, the PVC Stabilizer not good

Based on diffrent applicaitons, Lead based one pack PVC stabilizer divide to PVC stabilizer for pipe, sheet, panel, board,profiles, window, door, cable, shoes

Usually one pack PVC stabilizer has excellent processing performance for calendaring molding. It will not effect the flatness, bright and clean, even thickness of the product when the filling material has a fluctuation. Usually no need added Lubricants alone.


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Acrylic Impact Modifier is a core-shell type of copolymer consisted of rubbery core (Butyl acrylate) and glass shell which is compatible with PVC, rubbery core transfers the external impact energy into heat and grafted shell provides perfect compatibility of Impact Modifier with PVC matrix, therefore it shows excellent impact-strength, weather-resistance and color durability under long-period exposure to outdoor conditions.

Acrylic Impact Modifier

Acrylic Impact Modifier

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