U.S. transgenic salmon will be on the table: 2 times faster than wild

Beijing Dec. 27, according to a statement issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a rapidly growing carp is about to reach people's table and become the world’s first genetic project for human consumption ( GE) Animals.

According to the FDA's environmental assessment draft, this salmon does not pose a foreseeable risk to nature. After a 60-day public inquiry, the FDA will issue a final assessment report and approve the sale of this carp by AquaBounty in Maynard, Massachusetts.

However, the assessment draft was released on May 4, which means that the FDA may put the relevant conclusions on hold for months. Some people speculated that part of the reason was political interference. After all, this was a very controversial issue, plus it was a year of election. FDA spokesperson Morgan Liscinsky declined to comment on the politicization of the relevant procedures and stated that after the public question period, the relevant agencies may also require more in-depth research.

The delay in time did not surprise Ron Stotish, president of AquaBounty. His company has been seeking FDA approval since 1995. When he learned about the latest decision, he could not believe it at first. It is understood that the FDA has evaluated a total of more than 50 safety studies, one of which shows that transgenic salmon is not more likely to trigger allergic reactions than wild salmon. This genetically engineered squid has integrated a growth hormone gene from the kingfish (also known as the chinook salmon) that will be able to grow to market within 18 months, while the wild squid needs three years.

Groups opposed to genetic engineering have a long list of concerns. They hope to see more potential health risk research, research papers need to be published in peer-reviewed academic journals, and researchers cannot have any connection with AquaBounty. However, it is not clear at this time where the cost of carrying out the relevant tests comes from, as research on genetically engineered animals is rarely supported by federal research funds.

At present, these transgenic salmon are also kept in inland water pools to eliminate the risk of mating of the almost sterile females with wild salmon. However, opponents are still concerned that if genetically modified carp is approved for listing, manufacturers will seek to farm in the open sea purse seine in order to reduce costs, thus threatening wild salmon populations.

AquaBounty stated that they will not sell fish to farmers who do not have closed ponds inland. After spending 17 million years and spending 60 million U.S. dollars, Ron Stotish, president of the company, still felt very anxious. He said: "We haven't been stupid enough to think that the whole process will suddenly become very smooth." (Ren Tian)

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Papermaking industry : suction box boards ,scrapper,molding plate ,beating ,gear .

Mining industry : charging barrel ,abrasive and adhensive -resistant back lining for warehouses.

Chemical industry : acid pump ,fliter plate , worm gear ,bearing .

Food industry :packing machinery parts ,bottle guide ,screw .wear plate ,slide away ,stud weld ,roller and other transmission parts.

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Color: Black and white, can also be made another color, and the color order is 500KG.

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